Thursday 22 February 2018


Every sense of topics in melody-malice compatibility and perversity by located, so men keynote-rancor subjugated by Karma not because they both humans enemy .'- Gita. Such as the eyes, ears are subject-see, सुनना.रागद्वेष see, hear add to live compatibility, perversity to लेकर.राग friendly in happens, malice adverse happens! But these compatibility, perversity comes where is? It's all our body, mind to combine the we body add located ego featured in the US असंग spirit as in the body in residence, which should real है.आत्मा रागद्वेष the hand in do not but if we body in the ego featured in so we see, hear in living रागद्वेष to tame add to become and torture's round start gets we own hand in do not the way it to know that I am who I am? I असंग soul am on it for all the senses, such as the eyes, ears, etc. see, hear in which रागद्वेष his hand add to be close पडेगा.यह if possible when compatibility, perversity of recognition be discarded जाय.जो a friendly he other adverse है.जो in adverse is the second-friendly if the body, mind the demands of seriously not taken should be so रागद्वेष the hand in do not be possible है.वश add to be means them circulated होना.उनके tame add to make the compatibility, perversity question of serious gets if we रागद्वेष the hand in do not so compatibility, perversity no importance not है.राग not be so friendly not engaged, malice not be so adverse not लगे.भ्रम it is that friendly, adverse due to रागद्वेष while रागद्वेष due to friendly, adverse है.रागद्वेष original and we her hand in do not be है.रागद्वेष our view, listen add to use the subject Quote from है.
मै see, I hear am etc. But we see or hear wears so direct subject Quote from joining do not need to पडती.क्यों we see anything wears so we रागद्वेष to tame add to visit? See, hear मे'बनना 'है.दिखाई, hear falling मे'होना' है.आंखों to appear wears so it is natural है.आंखें only इसीलिए.कानों to hear wears so it is natural है.कान only इसीलिये.सवाल within who sat-अहंबुद्धि or understand? अहंबुद्धि body, mind linked so it रागद्वेष of power in bound to be, understanding of the body, mind linked not होती.उसे body, mind compatibility, perversity reveals but रागद्वेष the problem होती.यह freedom .इसलिए'ज्ञानी your passion-द्वेषरहित pure nature of the action does है.परंतु man your passion-द्वेषयुक्त contaminated nature according to work out, so right actions to in his hand does not. "Gita सर्दीगर्मी, सुखदुख tolerance for says her body, mind with respect to add accepted can be here रागद्वेष the hand in do not possible to be the problem occurs when रागद्वेष regards other men would है.सर्दीगर्मी appear for there is it OK but humans appear falling in our which is react he considerable है.वहां our रागद्वेष to tame add to be the harmful then we other freedom in the baffle become it captivate negative is positive may also है.संतों said-वसीकरन one mantra TJ give word कठोर.केवल harsh words sacrifice is sufficient, sweet word speaking need नहीं.मीठे word speak artificial may be, adulation may है.इससे किसीको satisfaction not होता.लेकिन if a harsh words to speak closes, it yourself in restorative gets है.उससे no fear not रहती.भले he sweet word not say but sometimes it hard behavior not be certainty come only is it big success is your आपमे be otherwise your amok add to try to stay a struggle of not less." Healthy: "he form to get out managed है.समाज in every one of the highest target be चाहिए.हर man its nature to get any of रागद्वेष किसीका violation not करे.चूंकि all people रागद्वेष the hand in do so each other freedom encroachment keep it freedom is the same with love and support flowers Bloom हैं.रागद्वेष of power in the recurring so पराधीन and पराधीन individual freedom of unsuccessful attempts only रागद्वेष free person right meaning in freedom enjoy experience able to है.पराधीन freedom ego clash of becoming leaves है.इसलिये the right thing to understand add to come should be the same to follow qualified even though the tough engaged, even if the same time engaged. इंद्रियस्येन्द्रियस्यार्थे रागद्वेषौ व्यवस्थितौ.तयोर्न वशमागच्छेत्तौ ह्यस्य परिपन्थिनौ..वह patience today aging in rare has to be. Vain him we lost. Hey brhmachari Muni thinking do that विभ्रमवश as I today lost patience! My body like these wives body too meats, blood, pus, विष्टा, urine, muscle, मज्झा bone, etc. impact are the same. However me सुखकारक made are! I have your body soil water - the most clean keeps am still it be purified was it. It's just sad and अहनीय same. My like these wives your body is also not clear at heart! Them I well understand that indirection without how can be? Woman योवनारम्भ who macro out tits are they just are like disease suffering from the गाँठें out of it. However मोहवश Pleasant appear. In fact woman breasts and male नितंबो a खाश difference not and the rest of the body so both - one of which only. कामवेग live the bodies in the difference looks is, velocity out once consider the difference not. पायु and vaginal both holes are the same, both in no distinction. So can say that स्त्रीशरीर two पायुछिद्र while पुरुषशरीर the same! Thus पुरुषशरीर like that स्त्रीशरीर it, I feel that" it's well "is it wrong is the same. Female also in the heart so guy as is located. {Because Bhagwati Shruti the" old "all the bodies prevalent in told}. So guy from ग्राम्यधर्म {= intercourse} while I shame why does not? नारीशरीर links also सुखप्रद may not, कामनासुख a खाश sense depends only on: the bodies of the relationship of creatures कामसुख would be a deal or young son of their young mother of affection embrace while or her daughter of their young father of affection of time - bar embrace while कामुकप्रसिद्ध well why not get? Mutually love having young brother - borne also embrace it well why not find? Who husband - wife together malice has they if for some reason embrace when they each why not? {So this सुखरहित body about a mental expressions - the wish - the same woman - male together well away. Heigh! संमोहवश I नारीरूप नरकभूमियों in just drop - take such as the ghosts of आविष्ट people you. Very wonder? My heart ज्योतियों of eternal flame, अद्वय, Bliss as it soul always ऱहता is. Your business, always most beloved, beneficial, all animals mother - father this आनन्दरूप soul except well left behind I नारीरूप hell has reached! Your parents of murder to any me more sinful will not because I have ignored this सर्वात्मा killing laid. {Great person defiance of the same हत्यातुल्य is. Spirit of the great is. Films for high soul misconceptions about the diameter etc. has all the sins of संपिंडितरूप said.}
I पामरों - the temporal, fools - from also अपकृष्ट am because अद्वय soul knowing extrovert has to be, they poor the Lord don't know. Heigh! They Palmer too old to be on the elderly woman per have no longer known while I here old man was am बुढौती made bebas have my wives also like me aged, the dry Wood like to be added to his stomach drum - from बेढंगे be gone, breast also swinging are, breasts shirt children P. have now दीखने they bad only takes; but still my mind these shall Circuit is it a आश्चर्यमय mystery of the same." Hey benign! "Muni thinking do that big nostalgia of that मण्डलवर्ती my master those God Aditya me command was पुत्रोत्पादन and community run for {but then I in the world as spends time for} around the Vedas great community me प्रवृत happened. Millions of my disciple, प्रशिष्य and also the disciple to are. So disciple be also I have your home fastening did not because I thus think looking for: my Dear wives here in the Forest lives, I them up go so my his fascination of them without me sad will. So I see some time well by प्रत्युपकार you shall, after their welfare of the work done you will. Some time I thus spend given. Then I thought that if they sons produced without I went to my disconnection must सन्तप्त will be. So soon I children born takes am, son of be generated will then your time कर्मत्यागपूर्वक आत्मचिन्तन in लगाऊँगा. Son of the so I thought these जातकर्म etc. Rite so the same shall! Thus I ages to spend the. Their values were so I thought that I have knowledge that they teach shall. Then thought in front of me as their marriage to go. Boys like girls marriages efforts out looking for. All child marriage were then grandson - grandchildren view will be added! Because wish, trend, etc. it aforesaid manner of the nature and me कुबुद्धि of mind also the running is therefore it is certain that the fourth ashram go looking for with the most sin. I like knowledgeable same with due to the plight has been received. The Brahman हाथमें placed आँवले - which direct her ever someone with no should. Especially men women of them, too young women's with downright not to be. Female two feet on the run मूर्तिमान hell as stated. युवतीरूप hell अतिबलवान् is
. Contained scholars even if the hell may be your Salvation can't. Future's scholarly I yajnavalkya as it स्फुट parable become because युवतीरूप hell your Salvation unable to looking for. It is certain that योगारूढ scholars also संगके the degenerate is because I knowledgeable while this नारीरूप hell I had am. The Salvation of route walk on whether it female body in every way to avoid be because it is the hell is called the village of the same way. संन्यासरूप way of Salvation and go looking for the biggest fear that which नारीदेह from occurs. Snake, Tiger, thief, King, water, poison, fire, mental disease, body disease, the deity, ghost more of them fear no need the official retirement by Salvation try to get in engaged. Female and especially young women to leave any of them are not afraid. Women remember come from a wish occurs between impatient to your their philosophy, conversation and स्पर्शपसे wish not cause how it is possible. Who fourth ashram assumed he if your welfare whether it mind, body and नेत्रादि senses of women's with no should. Like fire closely ghee melt is just female intercourse of male patient fully is destroyed. In the world नारीरूप snake venom to avoid the same way that they see आदिका a behavior not and be remember not. {Which childhood to retire to दीखी be their memory is likely to remember not. There are only letters - पत्रिकादि in the picture, description, plot etc. not see - read so अन्यान्य true - false women रूपादि the Rite lying.} संगवान् while I here accommodation the stick so it's not possible that they दर्शनादि not do. So now for ever नारीसंग fully leave because it is not so with the देहान्तर to find your destruction of the same to बनूँगा. That the subject of lust is he dreams in the same subject watches. Dreams like die time वासनानुसार he body people seemingly who die after भिलना is. कामियों and कामिनियों with the male Kami becomes. Wish going to be angry, grasping and Mohi also must happens. Job - क्रोधादि the intercourse mind faux gets. Born knowledge faux in mind stop not finds, expires, so faux in mind knowledge generated may not what doubt. Mind pure without आत्मानुभव rare. Job - wrath, etc. the thought living Supreme deprived of the will and worship and Karma routes from corrupted by" die - Xiao "third on the way the wandering will. Third on the way it virtue and lore {= उपासनाबल} devoid of the reach so insect, and the flesh anticipates the hell quick out not be able to. {पुण्यादि for also स्त्रीलंपटता etc. avoid is imperative that sense} virtually मोक्षमार्गी the context is he पुण्यादि route except विचारमार्ग on the run, if it is corrupt then पुण्यादि support without degenerate will it means. Quietness to साधनता legislation in the mean so जन्मान्तरीय पुण्यादि help etc. question can not afford.} AUM consoles.

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