Tuesday 5 June 2018


: The nature of the properties of your work we अकर्ता similar mind भी'मै-मै'करता is, अज्ञानवश we आपको'मै-मै'करके idea to assume. यह'मैं'की Maya, heart in the rising and brain in mind like active is. We you know the heart on healthy living, self-featured मे.तब मनरूपी I effect is but we forget your you मनरुपी'मैं'मानकर idea seem to be हैं.केवल consider not only do, but its all actions of the subject also assume हैं.इससे deeds of bondage becomes stronger. The world in healthy, silent, निर्विचार man how many who really heart add located? If the original state of the know should then the state in remain to try to lying while it is quite comfortable है.मै-I speak time your hand we heart are not on the forehead. It I, soul है.अस्तित्व sense इसीका is and monolithic है.मन I, I body am this as in would है.अनेक body so many I only are on the existence of sense many not's monolithic है.मन to see a side by existence sense focus on should be its ubiquity of experience automatic .अस्तित्व sense of a deprived of not है.प्रकृति cover and विक्षेप also exist realization of the support of the need for there is. It sat chit enjoy है.निर्गुण Niranjan abstract Brahman we sagun realizing Brahman it aren't हैं.उससे unity सारुप्य, proximity, सायुज्य etc. Salvation featured in decreasing her for सोहम् (I he'll) announced can not be. Existence sense each only for-see it, I उसीका experience to do. Its existence of a sense of depth in the land for every man free है.यही आत्मयोग is. It except for the mind of मैमेरा of Maya on gets stuck है.मै अरु more Tor तें माया.जेहीं just कीन्हे creatures निकाया .. heart of the original source of which I नामका idea arise and mind as in the brain in becomes active है.यही he Maya which hand in the US your cool, silent, निर्विचार आत्मस्वरुप forget and wandering are भवाटवी in. It I, I body I-the idea, this recognition, the trust as in would therefore I am who I-it turns out necessary is so that we self self as in the same live, not मायिक mental I as. Mind add to I and my such two considering moving are false subject become we मैमेरा, मैमेरा seem to be हैं.जहां मैमेरा there तूतेरा, he, they are he distinguish also come as these all the secrets of the original add to see this body I-consider it mainly serves this idea US to ask do not need to understand, we your forget it tame add to become and mechanically मैमेरा, तूतेरा etc. start. Of course cool-silence, inexpressible its nature to live this Maya to come out होगा.इसके to see who am I where am I where I am-this question and then nishabd existence as add to experience the heart is where the body to see my of Maya rising is. Or start of the same we हृदयस्थ silence connected and मनरुपी see my thoughts ignore it. What happens when mind मैरहित is? Then mind, don't mind lives, peace ह़ो is then problem is not so that the solution to find पडे.यह mind as मैमेरा the main problem is that छोटीमोटी many problems arise हैं.फिर problem solve the problem finds है.समाधान how to get? Idea write a problem है.विचार when opinion solution by will find the solution not सकता.विचार not for the problem don't are problem, not for त़ो solution to find no पडता.सिर्फ Karma live action so will ही.मैमेरा, तूतेरा idea don't are so all mankind a by Karma add to look should be, and everything is positive, creative featured in began. All human beings healthy, हृदयस्थ, आत्मस्थ through each other to cooperate look executive that the main purpose. "You have to ask yourself the question who am i? This investigation will lead in the end to the discovery of something within you which is behind the mind.solve that great problem and you will solve all other problems. '' The thought" i "rises first.one would discover that it rises in the heart.that is the place of the mind's origin. Even if one thinks constantly" i-i "one will be led to that place. Of all the the thoughts that arise in the mind, the" i "thought is the first. It is only after the rise of this, that other thoughts arise." -sri ramana maharshi. I see the other ideas in messed up to see the negative as is. Only I-I just thought should be so it's heart in brings जहां'स्व'है and मै'नहीं then it I creative and welfare featured होताहै. What I is right between self found know what I अकल्याणकारी is जो'स्व'से different करके'पर'से dam give her do reap for. Anything negative is not. Gita parity in the safety of ways to find the says. But parity where? Complaint the same a complaint is stuffed, resisting as opposed full we say-because what? Why arrogance so ego must large negative thing to be चाहिए.उसका good to be नहीं.अब him struggle. But what ego सचमे negative (negative)? Creation the process of building in the ego Rudra have been told. If all forgetting only I see the thought should be so it I-I self, the original got away. Ego is where? Heart in the search should be so it's find get नहीं.इसका means that is not the same, we negative treat him struggle are हैं.इसका results what? Ego, recognize what recognition negative is? Recognition negative values will then recognition how made during the process we understand not only will, write to complicate will. Nature in flowers are also, Forks also हैं.जैसा flowers study so of thorns अध्ययन.अध्ययन to thorns is Costa नहीं.कोसता then study add to Buddy drawback longer leads. Any thing to understand if it is very important that it is like so users should be, understood should be, not by your side रागद्वेष together seen should be. Such see if रागद्वेष full process part of some looks good, melody is some felt bad malice happens. Such as mercy suits her passion is, However, mercy also nature and melody भी.ईर्ष्या bad look, malice होताहै but envy also nature, hatred too nature है.प्रकृति properties of the nature of the nature and nature good or bad होता.गुण, properties, don't blame. Quality is not fault. Quality is not offence. Blame believe it negative tell, nature to understand him negative or positive tell not. Virtually anything negative not if we ask-any negative thing, negative no means we her negative value only taken and now are saying negative, negative is not negative, negative is not. Anything negative, not the truth that then his study known be anything positive not है.नकारात्मक assuming it to resist the positive of greed, positive need arise है.परंतु anything negative not, which is something like the same see and understand the त़ो now positive what importance looking for? Learn so it will know that the problem in the same solution, question in the North. Such as depression is then depression negative value take depression depth add to descend not possible होता.समझने for patience guestbook with depression stay the same happens. It तमोगुणी instinct, the nature of what is this what is, what kind of experience in the leaps? Him to understand it dissolved is negative understanding नहीं.हर्ष need to understand the depression enemy to be the same! And the joyful when will try as depression increasing जायेगा.अतः gladness, depression not measure है.उपाय is wait, wait, cool, stay healthy heart on, your within easy-to your original on staying depression welcome to do, it come two and treat as he है.नकारात्मक believe it where is? His support do not's nature, the nature of the property is just his nature, his specialty है.ऐसे in except parity and a measure not lives. We this question can not afford-nature such why why question नहीं.सवाल we nature without resistance, without the support such is the same view and can understand whether or not? It male है.गीता on why-nature add located guy only सुखदुखों of experiencer है.'रागद्वेष of power in should not be as the main obstacle है.'पुरुष means चेतना.अब consciousness senses in or unconscious the difference wears we he consciousness हैं.अगर we only रागद्वेष of power in ie unconscious, then we things such as are the same see, do not understand सकते.यदि we रागद्वेष the hand in do not that senses in can we रागद्वेष also can understand them without negative बताये.रागद्वेष negative नहीं.नकारात्मक only when we his hand on through their opposition, support are हैं.तात्पर्य is-worldly the unconscious but seeker also unconscious's opposes है.गीता रागद्वेष the hand in do not having to say, not to resist लिये.साधक conflicts and his practice in the baffle her attention divided is your goal से.संसारी justification-supports (जस्टिफिकेशन) which Gita to say wears is इच्छाद्वेषजन्य सुखदुखादि duality as attachment to the entire creature extremely अज्ञता achieving are. "रागद्वेष to tame add to be the main obstacle told the beginning रागद्वेष to understand the need them without negative मानें.यही no, we his hand on why are also understand it without any negative बताये.तब it can be understood why a man natural process add to Buddy easily रागद्वेष of power in happens and deviates. For US special know thing is that what is the problem? The problem of the study is to see him to understand without his opposition, support retweeted, without him escape made, without him good or bad declared, without resistance made-like so experience let's witness है.साक्षी, कर्ताभोक्ताभाव also not bad tells. बुराभला tell means own रागद्वेष of power in the. Consciousness unconscious then किसीको negative treat him release of the positive treat her tried to get are we your you उखडे live. But properties then come go live हैं.जो within our store is the same appears and which appears that the other two suppress gives है.ऐसे in सत्वरजतम three properties on when which exists with him while he understand the only way remains then self-format, properties of free gets है.जबर्दस्ती release try to add to success not सकती.योग success can even though he Raja yoga, Hatha yoga, ज्ञानयोग, bktiyog, karmayoga is featured in हो.बुद्धियोग may also है.बुद्धि micro through the true to life takes. Mean much a problem is नहीं.जो her negative (negative) feel the same problem है.ध्यान it should that negative accept the habit of the negative not believe, but it is to understand that we end of negative believe why you? If so रागद्वेष to tame add to be caused by what we रागद्वेष and his hand on the process of being can understand without negative considered? Just a scientific as become wears it nature, it's creation such as well, we have it's not created However we understand it must can without it negative बताये.
समझ, imprudence not है.नासमझी, negative telling understand tries and complicated are है.समझ for much anything negative not है.इसीलिए he understood, power, wisdom he opposed to understand the rather than to resist के.बाकी protest against series of the endless her ever end not only comes. Understanding introverted is his your featured in think every thing को.वह introverted is, स्वमुखी why not, which is the universe in the same object in the." You are the world ". Re-" second-second "by why रागद्वेष of power in the should and target wandering to run away transported should be!


*संस्कृतभाषा स्वयंशिक्षा की उत्तम पद्धती  (४)*
संस्कृत लिखने के लिये देवनागरी लिपी का उपयोग करते हैं!  इसमें कुल ५२ अक्षर हैं, जिसमें १४ स्वर और ३८ व्यंजन हैं। अक्षरों की क्रम व्यवस्था (विन्यास) भी बहुत ही वैज्ञानिक है। स्वर-व्यंजन, कोमल-कठोर, अल्पप्राण-महाप्राण, अनुनासिक्य-अन्तस्थ-उष्म इत्यादि वर्गीकरण भी वैज्ञानिक हैं।

संस्कृत की एक शास्त्र शुद्ध भाषा है। भाषानां जननी संस्कृत है। यह विश्व की सबसे पुरानी उल्लेखित भाषा है।

मित्रों आज १०८ उपनिषदों का एक गद्य पद्दात्मक सिर्फ ४० मंत्र के ब्रह्मद्रष्टा स्वयं का अनुभव समझाते हैं! शुक्ल यजुर्वेद के इस निरावलंब उपनिषद मे स्वंय निर्मित ४१ प्रश्र और उनके उतर संस्कृत भाषा शिक्षा के लिये उपयुक्त हैं!

                 !!  शान्तिपाठ: !!
ॐ पूर्णमद: पूर्णमिदं पूरणात्पूर्णमुदच्यते !
     पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते !!
            ॐ शान्ति: शान्ति: शान्ति: !!

पहिला मंत्र -- मंगलाचरण का हैं!
शिव की गुरू वंदना और स्तुति, कौन संन्यासी - योगी! कैवल्य पद (मोक्ष) किसे प्राप्त होगा यह समझाया हैं !

तीसरा मंत्र ---- यहाँ संपूर्ण ४१ छोटे प्रश्र हैं!
१) किं ब्रम्ह!      ब्रम्ह क्या है? 
    उत्तर - चैतन्यं ब्रम्ह!        चैतन्य स्वरुप ब्रम्ह हैं!

२) का ईश्वर:!       ईश्वर कौन  है?     
     उत्तर - ईश्वर ब्रम्हादीना हैं!
३) को जीव:!       जीव कौन  है?     

४) का प्रकृती: !     प्रकृती क्या है?   

५) का: परमात्मा !    परमात्मा कौन  है?     

६) को ब्रम्हा !           ब्रम्हा कौन  है? 

७) को विष्णु: !          विष्णु कौन  है? 

८) को रुद्र: !             रुद्र कौन  है? 

९) का इंद्र: !              इंद्र कौन  है? 

१०) का: शमन: !       यम कौन  है? 
                 शमन: = यम

११) क: सूर्य: !            सूर्य कौन  है? 

१२) कश्र्चन्द्र: !          चन्द्र कौन  है? 

१३) के सुरा: !            देवता कौन  है? 

१४) के असुरा: !        असुर कौन  है? 

१५) के पिशाच्च: !     पिशाच्च कौन  है? 

१६) के मनुष्या: !        मनुष्य क्या  है? 

१७) का: स्त्रिय: !        स्त्रिय क्या  है?

१८) के पश्र्वादय: !     पशु आदि क्या  है?

१९) किंवा स्थावरम् !   स्थावर (जड) क्या  है?

२०) के ब्राह्मणादय: !   ब्राह्मण आदि क्या  है?

२१) का जाति: !          जाति  क्या  है?

२२) कि कर्म !             कर्म क्या  है?

२३) किमकर्म !            अकर्म क्या  है?

२४) किं ज्ञानम् !           ज्ञान क्या  है?

२५) किंमाज्ञानम् !       अज्ञान क्या  है?

२६) किं सुखम् !           सुख क्या  है?

२७) किं दु:खम् !           दु:ख क्या  है?

२८) क: स्वर्ग !              स्वर्ग क्या  है?

२९) को नरक: !           नरक क्या  है?

३०) को बन्ध: !            बंधन क्या  है?

३१) को मोक्ष: !             मुक्ति क्या है?

३२) क उपास्य:  !         उपास करने योग्य कौन है?

३३) क: शिष्य: !            शिष्य कौन है?

३४) को विद्वान् !            विद्वान् कौन है?

३५) को मूढ: !               मूर्ख कौन है?

३६) किमासुरम् !            असुरत्व क्या है?

३७) किं तप: !               तप क्या  है?

३८) किं परमं !               परमपद किसे कहते है?

३९) किं ग्राह्यम् !              ग्रहनिय क्या है?

४०) किं अग्राह्यम् !             अग्रहनिय क्या है?

४१) क: संन्यासी !             संन्यासी कौन है?

यह प्रश्र्न संस्कृत भाषा के आभ्यस हेतू लिखे है! ऐसे  उत्तम उदाहरण अनेक उपनिषदों मे उपलब्ध है! ज्ञान-विज्ञान सहित सृष्टी के रहस्य भी आपको प्राप्त होगे!