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swamishishuvidehanand tiw: swamishishuvidehanand tiw: annealed, 18/2/2018 dusk 6 "2 9 - (18" 2 9) श्रिदुर्गारक्ताम्बरा shaktipeeth, founder अध्यक्ष् सौरमण्डलेश्वर, स्वामि शिशुविदेहानंद Muse TI chef "अग्निहोत्रितिवारी 'Tiwari piggery कारंजालाड (Dutt) 444105 district washim Maharashtra माॅ Meera Bai are TI organized by the program सव्वाकरोड soil Lingam building in the world's several person global warming and global औष्णिकरण on Sun 1994/2005 / work spiritual method start पहलाचरण एकतालिसलाख Eleven thousand पाचसौ of livelong be has now दुसराचरण एकसष्टलाख ग्यारहहजार मिट्टि the Lingam construction of the start, ..अथातों वृक्षसंवर्धन जिद्न्यासा .. एकसठलाख ग्यारहहजार शिवलिंगम् of अभिषेकम् पुजनम् दुसराचरण has been completed. mother Meera Bai are तिवारि organized by the program सव्वासौकरोड soil शिवलिंगम् construction एकसष्ठ million ग्यारहहजार nine hundred (6100000" 11 thousand nine hundred) ..अथातों Vedic tree जिद्न्यासा .. श्रिदुर्गारक्ताम्बरा शक्तिपिठ, founder of President स्वामिशिशुविदेहानन्द'स्वामिशिशुसत्यविदेहानन्द सरस्वति तिवारीमहाराज कारंजालाड (Dutt) 444105 district washim mother मिराबाई हरीकिसन तिवारि, under the guidance शक्तीपिठ all वृक्षसंवर्धन functions are. * here trees big and countryside in jnjn donated to the featured on the go * ..अथातों वृक्षसंवर्धन जिद्न्यासा .. श्रिदुर्गारक्ताम्बरा शक्तिपिठ, founder of President स्वामिशिशुविदेहानन्दस्वामिशिशुसत्यविदेहानन्द सरस्वति तिवारीमहाराज, the auspices of huge plantation and षोषखड्डा = rainwater harvesting,, the प्रीय friends the followers, and members we स्वामिशिशुविदेहानन्दस्वामिशिशुसत्यविदेहानन्द सरस्वति तिवारीमहाराज evocation do .. the शिवलिंगम् construction joined. swamishishuvidehanand tiwarimaharaj swamishishuvidehanandswamishishusatyavidehanand sarswati 09921700260/09503857973 /. अथातो devotee जिद्न्यासा mother मिराबाई (मिरादेवी) are. तिवारि the आशिर्वादप्राप्त under today in. अथातों devotee जिद्न्यासा. here हररोज़ a lot of people अपनीअपनी problems US guide to come. and शिवलिंगम् built in शामील awake. very lives of the end of the birth in philosophy to get guy, everything वासुदेवी भगवतीजी Durga only - the thus me भजता is, he Mahatma very rare: we are all वासुदेवी understanding, नारायणि understanding service should | if some of the crime become should be so service prayer should and in turn service more should, if we forbidding if it expressions held that it is our destiny of fruit: we have the crime has its fruit God it sake by suffered are: Lord of him this prayer should that प्रभो you so own it can work again this poor why sake are made | its a service, getting in it that sense kept its by which is happening in it service to get that by our favor getting replies any by our forbidding is your own sins of fruit got | God him sake by fruit suffered are towards him द्वेषभाव keep | his there don't blame: what is the price is the same | corresponding to high create this is the world diak looking for, it is our heart of sense | within the expressions out looks is, mind भावमय made | mind to work should, this work reply here come the Ganges in bath | Ganga great pleased when we Holy to come replies Ganga Lord Shiva of jata of water and Lord Vishnu stages of water, it's welfare to make the world come replies bath time thus sense of high keep | similar God to अर्ध्य when it expressions in mind that God Sun world of welfare are: light by the welfare is he would have the same this is a direct God are | their Rays by human welfare to receive this is liqueur route of the divine परमधाम inflict are | their worship भावमय through to what he do much will it जन्मभर my worship is, therefore, it the best way to God of abode accessibility to reply because they worship when very high price should | the same thing नामजप in | नामजप big huge impact | नामजप from all sins destroy the welfare gets | नामजप the same and there is no easy means not | निष्कामभाव to on नामजप so valuable gets | नामजप with God the format of attention to more than might benefit | नामजप expressions in the high create, big may benefit: Lord of every action pleased are, Enchanted be-by God's mercy understand, then the welfare of receipt in late not, you are the world, Neighbouring, friends, the so-called शत्रु.यदि you understand want you first खुदको the understanding of be because you have the same all the understanding of the original है.आपमे the start and end.' survival monolithic the man on the existence of sense to share it takes is distributed but his existence totality of Ga, half incomplete नहीं.अस्तित्व sense of gazing deadly is the soul of thing है.प्रकृति add located guy well sorrows of experiencer become the property, properties in Burt are consists of हैं.शरीर, mind-W द्धि-mind-ego properties are so as a special in to see, hear the fall, feeling too properties as it bond until its full process not understood should be. such as we love and we feel good so we without were, his place while your you love featured in and good taken as in the feel should be the same for if an unhappy and let US sympathy we do and sympathy both their place while, without Haile, its your featured on feel let चाहिए.ज्ञात will all within our come from only for है.सारा operation of the ultimate power by होताहै which .शरीर featured device on आरुढ the entire creatures अंतर्यामी God Maya (from their कर्मानुसार) भ्रमाता the all ghost-creatures heart is located. now myth is to find out that coming from है.हकीकत is out of nothing आता.जैसे out noise, within our विक्षेप (the disturbance) we opposed to हैं.यही to be too .बनने of injury for there we without retweeted, without made noise and विक्षेप to your featured on feel let we will we only large weak हैं.ऐसे on we heart in your form available how can be? right said. नायमात्मा बलहीनेन लभ्य :. struggle your projections of happens, go no conflict नहीं.किसी the wrath of the US within revenge of the instinct active occurred or sorry जगी.ऐसे add to we your anger and revenge of the spirit as in the feel or anger and forgiveness featured on feel let (without, adultery add to share because all experience your own) no conflict not होगा.सब own the game है.सब we are only. the second and other experience we and our own experience, someone else's not. it's fear why think? another reason while we are the same-fear, भयजनक and fearful of त्रिपुटी.हम the split and are out of the speed do that your form except some of "made" हैं.बात so that accumulate instinct our from within the rising him without आत्मपलायन their your featured add to let and blank let-in for deep understanding and आत्मसाक्षी expressions be. another reason to understand an unconscious, write to see an senses add to. it inside out of distinction mind because है.मन if not a inside out, not just आत्मस्थिति है.बाहरी, man of the external expression है.खुद and external between duality it with ourselves duality only when the highest wisdom waking not be the interior and exterior struggle made remains the same. "the only one person, not everyone interior and exterior is divided in if the person know that I only interior and exterior is divided up am so seer, view the two featured on me you feel should give it a deep internal orderliness add to your you get think. it Maya is what we see my, you thy in splitting we US only लडाती है.हमे think we out with any of conflict in while we only हैं.निसर्गदत्तजी master has told him-only you can only be." and they this restorative staying enlightenment to be available गये.सारे mental division हृदयरुप the original source of the same come हैं.जिसका contemplate the master mind दहरविद्या as add to do. refers to the world to your featured on feel please, भागिये do not your you दूर.आप the seer-view in divided, both as in the feel are just so you undivided through the true and permanent आनंदानुभूति to get can हैं.आपके hand on the. * man walks remains necklace, win; success, failure in: in love, separation in. he is that it run keeps? * two things: ego and hope. one ego run keeps. because ego says, broken go but Bend don't lose go but wait do not. one ego run holds. some may be, ego says, go go away. fight be, deal be. "if defeat the tied is destined, even if the fight fight the lose. accept defeat do. ego necklace not accept lets. and the same reason we badly lose. which defeat accepts, her so win begun. says not lost to harinama. who lost adopted took his life in Hari off gets started. in the world win so is not only lost as is. win may not be. conquer the world of nature is not. he minor win, which you see required is, biggest necklaces preparation and nothing. gambling games like the world. here sometimes win also is not that does not, wins, but every win a औरबड़ी defeat of service appointed. * the person who your religion alienated is the muscle be too unable, धनवान् be too poor and knowledgeable may also fool happens. * * this world only religion as you can save. your religion respect, religion commands sincerely, follow * * religion dissemination day some time must give, religion of this world shelter is, the error religion condemned not, religious symbols of honor and protection in. * idea dishonest and trickster is because it whatever strongholds takes, which is not only to see takes it somehow finesse can, so this does not depend on going to be. if someone something very clean and clearly wants to see if his mind very cool होनाचाहिए.उस time it is essential that mind all noise and words, prejudices, statues and pictures different have जाए.और this cool position in you consider the rise and start can see-not that when you have any thing am are questions are created and answers waiting हैं.विचार start-moment which is own this question and then when you full-featured silence and quiet are all your existence, this silence and silence in if you look attractions that idea what kind takes shape. if this complete senses and attention that idea what kind start होताहै, so it control need to not only पडती.हम your life of a lot of time and a lot of energy wasting enter not only your daily activities in, but the idea control and direction to direct in such as this is a good idea, me on this and more think चाहिए.यह a Kurup idea, I find it immediately Press should. such an idea and other views among all the time war moves, a desire to the second all desires, a well all other pleasures suppress add to put lives. but the idea of the start of per reflexes and conscious to the idea within a discrepancy or conflict is not." mind say, Maya say, the idea say-all these misconceptions create live हैं.असंख्य negative resolution, कुकल्पनाएँ unstable make live हैं.चाहे anywhere from any ideas come are they the truth takes we their pain withstand to be bound by consists of हैं.या they have the right direction of stray give हैं.सजगता the absence in visitor idea good even man criminal make or crime Quote from across give. if we are a little patience with views of the advent of wait we see would when which idea takes shape! I also have an idea. when these visitor ideas mesh in trapped before their arrival to see is then not negative thoughts of pain suffer for there is not positive thoughts the development of the struggle in the fall wears है.मनुष्य circumstances of the so trouble not picks as inadvertently from within the rising ideas due to picks her be confused to Maya game address not only show. thing little on understanding add to come should be so great importance of proves then negative thoughts of torture freedom from find है.बाह्य world add to work as the rest is like a sick the treatment of are made, the wealth lacks the fulfillment have, but for this sad to be like no matter है.कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते MA फलेषु कदाचन.कुकल्पनाएँ Karma duty divorces ideas mesh in trapped due to arise so stated consideration dishonest and trickster is because it whatever strongholds takes, which is not only to see takes it somehow finesse can, so this does not depend on going to be. aging and death discharge to get the men who have my shelter to try, he Brahma, the entire spirituality and the entire Karma life are. men who अधिभूत and अधिदैव including and अधियज्ञ including me know, they me engaged mind that man अन्तकाल also I only know that are obtained. व्याख्या- * although karmayogi and ज्ञानयोगी also birth death free are, However trust devotee of birth death to be free with God of समग्ररूप also know take. Brahma, spirituality, Karma, अधिभूत, अधिदैव and अधियज्ञ-the Lord of समग्ररूप is. the Lord has two Department made. Brahman (attributes-abstract), कृत्स्न spirituality (eternal species of eternal life) and all actions (Genesis-state-judgment, etc. all activities) - it's' knowledge 'of the Department, the attributes of mainly is. अधिभूत (your शरीरसहित entire पांचभौतिक world), अधिदैव (mind-senses of अधिष्ठातृ-देवतासहित Brahma, etc. all God) and अधियज्ञ (अन्तर्यामी Vishnu and all his as) -it "science" of the Department, which sagun of mainly is. which devotion values are but the just-death as mundane suffering from exfoliation want, such seeker Lord of the shelter to ज्ञानयोग means you. them *' तत् '* ie Brahma, the entire spirituality and all of Karma knowledge is. result, they just-death free become. but God is seeking a devotee devotion yoga means you. they अधियज्ञ including * * ब्रह्मको, अधिदैव including all spirituality and अधिभूत including all Karma know take. result of them just-death of Salvation with *' माम् '* ie समग्ररूप Lord of knowledge is. thus विज्ञानसहित knowledge that God of समग्ररूप experience on their vision in a God except any independent power not live. so अन्तकाल come they God only receive are. because अन्तकाल them in which also thinking from the Lord of thinking will - *' युक्तचेतसः '*. the thirtieth staff came' युक्तचेतसः 'to the next eighth in chapter *' अनन्यचेताः '* stated. * * this chapter early in the Lord has *' माम् '* post your समग्ररूप to learn a matter of news pledge was that it postscript here *' mother विदुः '* post from you. *' तत् '* learn the world free become. and माम्' to learn that समग्ररूप God to get become. the same thing fourth chapter पैंतीसवें verses in * 'yen भूतान्यशेषेण द्रक्ष्यस्यात्मन्यथो मयि' * posts and eighteenth chapter चौवनवें stanza in * 'problem सर्वेषु भूतेषु मद्भक्तिं लभते पराम्' * posts stated. devotion by समग्ररूप God to receive a matter of further eighth chapter बाईसवें staff in the limit is. * विज्ञानसहित knowledge that God of समग्ररूप to describe implies that the root-conscious, truth-असत्, para-placenta, field-क्षेत्रज्ञ, क्षर-letter etc. whatever, all-of-all the Lord of the same format. ago that God, para and placental nature was said, the same here two distinguish retweeted are like 1. the divine -ब्रह्म and अधियज्ञ, 2. para nature-spirituality and अधिदैव 3. the placenta nature-Karma and अधिभूत. implies that God, para and अपरा- three consisting of God's समग्ररूप are. "the Sky, air, fire, water, Earth, ग्रह- star, life-animal, directions, trees, Rivers, sea-all-for-all the Lord of the body are so assuming devotee सभीको अनन्यभावसे salutes."

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  1. *Swamishishuvidehanand Tiw:* *Swamishishuvidehanand Tiw: ता २7//३//2018 सकाल*
    ५"९-( ")
    *श्रिदुर्गारक्ताम्बरा शक्तिपीठ ,संस्थापक अध्यक्ष*
    *हम स्वामि शिशुविदेहानंद सरस्वती तिवारी महाराज ' अग्निहोत्रितिवारी'*
    *तिवारी का बाडा*
    *कारंजालाड (दत्त) 444105 जिला वाशिम महाराष्ट्र*

    *माॅ मीराबाई ह तिवारी द्वारा आयोजित कार्यक्रम सव्वाकरोड मिट्टी के *शिवलिंग निर्माण में विश्व के अनेकानेक व्यक्ति*

    *ग्लोबल वार्मिंग एवं भूमंडलीय औष्णिकरण पर सन 1994/2005/ से *कार्य अध्यात्मिक पद्धति से शुरू है*
    *पहलाचरण एकतालिसलाख ग्यारह हजार पाचसौ का पुर्ण हो चूका,*
    *दुसराचरण एकसष्टलाख ग्यारहहजार मिट्टि के शिवलिंग निर्माण का शुरू है ,*
    *॥। अथातों वृक्षसंवर्धन जिद्न्यासा।।*

    *एकसठलाख ग्यारहहजार शिवलिंगम् का अभिषेकम् पुजनम्*
    *दुसराचरण पूर्ण हो गया है॥*
    *मीराबाई ह तिवारि द्वारा*
    *आयोजित कार्यक्रम सव्वासौकरोड मिट्टी के शिवलिंगम् निर्माण*

    *एकसष्ठ लाख ग्यारहहजार नौ सौ (६१०००००"११हजार नौ सौ )*

    *।। अथातों वैदिक वृक्ष जिद्न्यासा ।।*

    *श्रिदुर्गारक्ताम्बरा शक्तिपिठ, संस्थापक अध्यक्ष *स्वामिशिशुविदेहानन्द'स्वामिशिशुसत्यविदेहानन्द सरस्वति तिवारीमहाराज *कारंजालाड(दत्त)४४४१०५ जिला वाशिम के*
    *माँ मिराबाई हरीकिसन तिवारि के मार्गदर्शन में*
    *शक्तीपिठ में सब वृक्षसंवर्धन के कार्य होते है।*

    *।। अथातों वृक्षसंवर्धन जिद्न्यासा ।।*

    *माँ मिराबाई ह तिवारि ,उन पौधो का अनावरण् करती हुई*

    *।। अथातों भक्त जिद्न्यासा ।।*

    *श्रिदुर्गारक्ताम्बरा शक्तिपिठ ,संस्थापक अध्यक्ष *स्वामिशिशुविदेहानन्दस्वामिशिशुसत्यविदेहानन्द सरस्वति *तिवारीमहाराज , के तत्वावधान में*
    *पौधरोपण एवं*
    *षोषखड्डा = रेनवाटर हार्वेस्टिंग , ,ओर प्रीय मित्रों, अनुयायियों ,और सदस्यों *को हम*
    *स्वामिशिशुविदेहानन्दस्वामिशिशुसत्यविदेहानन्द सरस्वति* *तिवारीमहाराज*
    *आवाहन करते है*..

    *शिवलिंगम् निर्माण में शामिल हुए।*

    *Swamishishuvidehanand TiwariMaharaJ*
    *SwamishishuvidehanandSwamishishusatyaVidehanand Sarswati*


    *।। अथातों भक्त जिद्न्यासा।।*

    *माँ मिराबाई हरीकिसन तिवारि*
    सौ बजाज को *नंबर २ का बेलवृक्ष का* ( १९५६८०२) का पौधा प्रदान कीया ।

    *शक्तिपिठ* मे और भी सकारात्मकता के साथ *वृक्ष प्रदानीय कार्य*
    इस कार्य का क्रम है , *सम्ब्न्धीत व्यकति, समूह* , सन्गठन ,को वह
    *वितरित करना जो नंबर डाले* हुए हो ,और फिर *सम्ब्न्धीत व्यक्ति, समुह या* *सन्गठन के नामरूप की* *रजिस्टर में उल्लेखना् ,वृक्ष का नंबर*
    उनकी रजीस्टर मे साइन , *उनका पूर्ण नामपता*,जिससे भविष्य में *अनुगमन् कर सकें* ,अवलोकन कर सकें ,और *जल* *सन्रक्षण भी सुनिश्चित करसके*।
    *वह केवल् एक पौधा नहीं* *है*वहशक्तिपिठ मे *निर्माणित्*
    *आपके स'स्नेह और सहयोग के*
    *कारण हो रहा है*

    इस चैत्रनवरात्री मे १२१ ओटी भुसावल के केवलानंद( अर्जुननागदेव)और भितानंद ( डाँ सुनील जग्यासी) ने चढाई
    संसार के विभीन्न विषयक् समस्या पर पन्चान्ग
    देखने आते है।।
    और शिवलिंगम् निर्माण मे शामीलहुऐ|