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वेदों.. ःःःःःःः

Wise seeker to be the first melody - malice, except child as may be. Then गुरुक as taught only the same spirit of the information to all of which secrets devoid. This information as essential as resort take finished after अनात्मासम्बन्धी all the scriptures विचारादि leave and wisdom to. Wisdom who say? Wisdom says mind always क्लेशरहित he स्थिथि which he no अनात्माकार not assumed to and वेदान्तों the hearing, their meaning cogitation and of course format the size of the instinct stabilizing felt netlog.
Shruti also, we have informed - the "तमेम धीरो विज्ञाय प्रज्ञां कुर्वीत ब्राह्मणः." In the world and the scriptures in which evil not so who अनात्म substance it also thinking to be so says etc. senses sorrow the same away. {God Mr. Vasudev Krishna also runtime told that विषयध्यान than with, work, anger, संमोह, oblivion, बुद्धिनाश and Lastly प्राणाश happens. So subject - all अनात्मा - the thinking Castaway is.}
Such as weight carries animal in every way grieving is the way when existing subject intake while guy sorrow finds the past अनागत of concern to आकुल the sorrow anticipates the tell what! It creature अव्यय spirit additional all also captivating subjects keep in mind thinking the same number of the subject senses burden on becoming those labor shall. Scriptures approved by the topics of speech, etc.
इन्द्रियाँ sorrow the same able to do. {As well then spirit which senses assume would rather senses of बहिर्मुखता he सुखस्वरूप downright hide is.} Because it's only labor to become so topics macro negotiated leave with them about any idea also leave should and spirit of the nature of the size of the attitude make be so mind and sorrow not पावे. {"Mind sorrow not पावे" ie मनउपाधिक प्रमाता sorrow not found.
It ध्वनित that would intense विवेकपूर्वक the science of witness of निर्विकारता about निःशंक even when भासमान प्रमातृरूप only suffering escape will when अनात्मानुसंधान divorces spirit in the integrity will which यथावश्यक श्रवणादि's going to take will.} Hey Rajan! By paying attention to listen to your soul interview for force they have such measures soul to go - the 1. नामोपासनादि various attempts not, but those measures such as श्रवणादि head are. 2. अन्नमयादि 5 पाँअ कोशों criticism from pure souls to learn to just move like micro on sight converge to make स्थविष्ठ - रथवीयान् - macro on eye stable to fall. 3. Intelligence net to celibacy, एकान्तवास etc. means {and pre-out यज्ञादि means.
Which विचारकुशल labor - दमादि Ware seeker these tools Rite readiness do they ज्ञानमार्ग the Wanderer guest. Thus duality forget when nature चित्तवृत्ति आत्माकार just keeps the cover of the crash on the spirit of the interview is. It another way he never looks. Hey mahipala! Spirit of other things to tell the scriptures seeker for just like the patient for कुपथ्य. Post - sentence - proof of Scripture the head are considered. Created प्रतिपाद्यों overview clear shows that the Salvation useful in the something not tell find. Created to consider the subject and processes over the fascination put in efficient.
पऴे पदशास्त्र of the principal subject show that they व्यामोहकता content may be: Hey भूमिपाल! Now that we you are going to tell them science guy highly dense fascination only makes - the 1. It रूढि ie रूढि of symptoms. Word nature - प्रत्ययरूप ingredients without considering made all the words in the sense of sense does that mean that the word "रूढि" said is such as "vipra" word रूढि Brahmin meaning in. 2. It is yoga. Position in the ingredients शक्क्यार्थ when office means says the sum of अर्थबोधन known as "the digestive" words when cooking who says. 3. It properties. Words when its meaning located in a properties by other means says he word qualitative business would like glory - properties by "fire" words any child बोधक gets.
4. Your sense of leaving - not leave at both the लक्षणा. लक्षणा ie Rud - meaning relation to other means of the word बोथ. It's two types: one in Rud meaning totally off is such as "the Ganges on houses" in गंगाप्रवाह means left side is understood. Second Rud means keeping other means also considered as "Crows of yogurt save" in the Crows, including the cat - dog also understand to go. It is intended to लक्षणा is not treatment. Ie the words of a instinct believe "ललितलक्षणा". Such as "द्विरेफ" words भौंरे sense of लक्षितलक्षणा of choice military because before it "bees" this word of लक्षणा is and he the Bumblebee means shows. द्विरेफ - post bees - post in Agricola is not so it target as will. "Treatment" says properties - relationship.
द्विरेफ in the treatment of ie गुणसम्बन्ध from लक्षणा not because two "cancel" letters of any righteousness भौंरे not! - thus the पदशास्त्री people posts businesses thinking do.. Nature - suffix meaning in their idea show: 5. Where the suffix emblematic of {not signifying} there द्योत्य means adjective as is thus there nature of the meaning of the head of such as "अश्वक" word प्रकृतिप्रधानता by means "short horse" here deficiency "कन् - suffix from emblematic is. 6. Where the suffix reader is there same meaning head is such as" the digestive "word प्रत्ययार्थ subject विशेष्यभूत means and प्रकृत्यर्थ baking विशेषणभूत means. 7. It is due to say. Action subject etc. षड्विध जनकों, the causes, or action directly अन्वित {affiliate} having substances factor is called. 8. It अकारक happens. Action directly which is Associated with no they substance and dump etc. अकारक considered. {Dump" high, Ye "etc.
 they words which macro external means not.} 9 action. Metal some {Boise hundred almost} calculated words which means the action is called. 10. It Karma. क्रियाप्रयुक्त fruit shelter from which the most favored her work say such as" Rice पकाओ "in suppurative Rice Karma. 11. It's funeral is. When verb as any other actions per Karma then her funeral say. 12. It Transitive metal. Where a business in and fruit other there action and reader here, {metal} Transitive known as" पच् "- Cook: here is trading will देवदत्तादि and गलना etc. Rice, therefore, it Transitive metal. 13. It intransitive metal. Where fruit and business collected visit there action and metal intransitive are such as" नृत "- dance. 14. It sponsor of the business of the reader is. Sponsor ie inspiring. णिच् - suffix and Transitive metal which business {चेष्टाजन्य physical पूर्वापरीभाव to} says he sponsor is." Devadatta yjtrdutt work done for "- here" कषा "- it's णिच्प्रत्ययांत of Hindi substitute as - the telling देवध्त who sponsor is. 15. Other few words applicable to do business.
णिच्प्रत्यय the nature I thought he प्रकृतिभाग usability the trading says" like "get" in "you" he suggests that yjtrdutt business, or "khudwa for" so put a dig is also know that "own" - it turns out. Intransitive metal also applicable ie free subject to do business is. 16. This rule is the animal specific only uses. "Typical" ie in nature and credit the Inter-related from. Only nature or only suffix नियमतः unambiguously judgment means not tell able to शिष्टों by said are not. Therefore, they found only speak rules. 17. It - ie "well," etc. - suffix "सुप्" are called. 18. It - "तिप्" etc. - the "तिङ्" suffix says. 1 9. सुप् or तिङ् suffix look finished on almost any other suffix don't think. 20. It - ie "तद्धित" right under the alleged suffix - तद्धित is. {Rights means title can understand; it as शिषक writing it under the suffix canonical are तद्धित suffix called.} 21. It - ie "कृदतिङ्" right to read in the suffix - integrated is. 22. It समास is. The words निष्पत्ति those sources that occurs पाणिनिग्रथ 2. 1. 3 and 2. 2. 38. Mid-come they समास say they are. 23. It समासान्तपर say. "समासान्त" called a few suffix are the all words engaged in visit them समासान्तपर says. 24. सनादि suffix धातुत्व behavior in the sake of you. In etc. twelve like when suffix takes then those in etc.
- with words metal assuming the appropriate treated. 25. These other something suffix स्त्रीप्रत्य are. ङीप्, टाप् etc. credit taken on words noun gets them suffixes to स्त्रीप्रत्यय says. पाणिनिग्रन्थ 4. 1. 3 to 4. 1. 82 to their context is. 26. These "अण्" etc. - suffix अप्रत्यादि {पुत्रादि} sense are. 27. It चतुरर्थ suffix is. 4. 2. 67 this topic. 28. It suffix expressions etc. अर्थोः happens. - thus पदसम्बन्धी science research in the guy always more fascination suffer happens. Hey chef! Similar sentences that reflection in Scripture entangled scholar also आत्मसत्यता about ignorant remains the same. The scriptures also अनात्मगोचर such विश्लेष्ण consists of living. --------------तत्त्वत्रय interpretation, part -3
body variable format and spirit of the second body holds ----------------------------------------
saffron shrimad Bhagavad Gita the second chapter in the spirit and body format about extremely detail explain .13 ranked verse (देहो s स्मिन् as देहे ...) in God says, "as the body contained in the spirit, various body junctures like a child, youth, etc. to pass, so at death ghost second body holds activities. That spirit format understand takes, he this change deviate from does not." The 22nd verse (वासांसि जीर्णान as विहाय .....) in God says, "which we old fabrics burst on the new clothing holds the same type of soul death after new body holding picks." Soul: knower, subject and experiencer
soul knower called, because he knowledge of habitat is. Soul mere the knowledge is not the same, but knowledgeable, too, because that's the scriptures stated. Knowledge automatically work and function of the results of enjoyment poised to that, because work and the results indulgence, the knowledge of two different forms. Soul, the world in physical nature of the three different types - essence, रजस्, तमस् that is good, desire and impulse, ignorance is affected and accordingly works. God जीवात्माओं to own way to determine the freedom of provide. But because God the ultimate officer, their acceptance without nothing happens. For each task, soul performance of the way to choose the option to have been provided. God first witness to live, and then the specific option to provide हैं.तदन्तर the selection made the depending on the option (whether it's work science in accordance with or scriptures against), Lord of the work in the individual soul to assist you. Thus, the Lord individual soul by were working ultimate officer God only. But they it your way to determine give, so be sure that each individual soul for their actions self-responsive. A specific example, too, where God a specific reason own individual soul of birth and functions on full control do. Soul: God controlled by, funded and शेषभूत (Das) -
individual soul full of God in control. Ie individual soul all the work God approved by the day. Way all body work soul by control are the same type of the spirit of all the work अन्तर्यामी divine God are controlled by. However God soul their deeds route to the freedom to choose to provide for the soul knowledge is perfect, the decision-making in his knowledge can use. Otherwise scriptures no means no longer be. Spirit of God is controlled by. God her Foster and soul their शेषभूत (Das) is. Soul, learning, understanding different functions and their properties and अवगुणों the middle of the distinction and the best way to follow etc.
for the scriptures existence therefore, the spirit of the Act, the God the following conditions live - for 1.साक्षी - soul for their actions by themselves were to be the first efforts in passive staying witness causes. God it works approval to offer. Spirit work the path to choose after his actions to allow him to God provide. 2-inspiring - an time soul by working to start after, उस्के based on the forward functions for God inspiration provide.
God spirit of the Guardian / Foster are. Spinach, namely, the following described appropriate knowledge in the absence of the soul own experience loses - the ie - self own and Lord of the middle of the relationship. Lord of the divine nature.
Lord of the divine welfare properties. Soul continual the Lord of the शेषभूत, which all of the Center. This means that the soul always Lord of the pleasure of interest to sacrifice to कैंकर्य should. Sandal, floral etc.
 all the only God of आनंदानुभव for the creation of.
 Implies that the spirit of God is downright inseparable.

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