Wednesday 29 August 2018


Now the game of gilt is being played on the funeral of Hindus

According to a news of today, about 80,000 Hindus die every year in Delhi, according to which according to an NGO, 4-500 kg per person, wood that burns. This NGO tells that a tree in India gives about a hundred kilos of wood. Then by using mathematics, they say that about four lakh trees are cut in Delhi every year for this.

Firstly, this math is wrong that a tree has hundred kilos of wood. The number of four lakhs seems a little frightening, so this math does not know on which basis it is used. If there is so much worrisome of wood, then why do you worry about the coffin wood?

Further report also gives the knowledge of how much carbon monoxide emits on the burn. However, the report does not say that the percentage of pollution caused by burning of corpses in the air of Delhi comes after zero after the number of pollutants. Because the study done by Georgia Tech, IIT Kanpur, UINFO, and CPCB has not even discussed the pollution caused by the burning of corpses.
Even Holi, Diwali, Ganapati and Dussehra festivals, which also spread pollution, only one day, long articles of anti-environmentalism are written so that Hindu society gilt fills. While most people have been doing this work to improve themselves, whether it is a celebration of festivals, or the way of burning corpses.

The first house to build such titty report, stop AC, car gasoline, house fridge etc. Then stop working there where continuous AC moves. Many trees will survive, and the ozone layer will also be fine. You start, the earth will be saved.

Thursday 9 August 2018

आदीशंकराचार्य जी

सत्वबुद्धि and disingenuous wisdom first formula: सत्वबुद्धि with a guy like somehow, ie a few preaching of gratify is. "Disingenuous wisdom" with a guy life curiosity and also the infatuation to only receive. यथातथोपदेशेन gratify: entity wise. आजीवमपि curious: परस्तत्र विमुह्यति. Which have little jagi the wisdom he little preaching of wake up, is a little thing hurt days. Which have sleeping wisdom that you million injuries me, he sides take you falls asleep. आदीशंकराचार्य live near one came a morning. He come आदीशंकराचार्य living stages of worship and said that the word of me don't ask, here, so I very assembled have am. Scripture I read all for you. I have zero say it, silence to saying it. I understand will. Trust me now. आदीशंकराचार्य live him look seen and eyes off took and quiet sat down. He man eyes taken off and shut down. आदीशंकराचार्य live disciple of the big surprise that this is what is happening. Before their question little strange that without words of saying give and trust me and I Scripture very familiar was am now I निःशब्द some news give. Audible heard has; read finished reading, on which to know is that both across the seemingly. I then Jana it. I have to wake up give! Knowledge ask didn't speak. Awakening of charity ask am come. One of his question was strange, then आदीशंकराचार्य law of quietly looking at her eyes shut up, and then the man of eyes off to take, big secret has to be. In the middle speak fine not had any watch over it lasted quietly, silence the silence in the something transfer was some of the transaction was. Man sitting sitting smile felt eyes off done the same date. On her face a light has occurred. He hooked, and he again worshiped आदीशंकराचार्य live, thank you and added: "the big pleased. Which take came got." And went. सत्वबुद्धि with a guy like-somehow, little preaching of gratify happens. Such as somehow! Entity wise यथातथोपदेशेन ....... so little rough also find preaching, आदीशंकराचार्य living word of a link to hold come to be just enough is. आदीशंकराचार्य live philosophy get go, quite gets. A waking guy with two clock walk get a chance to be quite gets. But it's quite only when life experience it mail sits be. आदीशंकराचार्य live sitting and small children you there take these so no results will be. They probably आदीशंकराचार्य live see also not will. Maybe these kids laugh ठिठौली too but, if a life of ripe, life tired, life experience through come to life of Vanity see came to stilted recognized to see added to Ashes so - again आदीशंकराचार्य live it makes will. Every thing to understand a clock, chronometer, not to be some sense not. When out of a word of the nectar rainfall and your preparation match is a unique experience at the beginning of the summer! यथातथोपदेशेन ....... like somehow any hand in a few drops take to the sea get to know is gratify gets person. "Gratify" words big beautiful. "Gratify" means: hear not only means revealed gets life, but work also revealed is. Hear the work and meaning both lead become. Ever happens, no matter to hear the same you change to be. Then you gratify while. Heard that changed on! Such as far which listened was not, then for you ready may only were. Just a last thing to add a truly be had. Someone added to the gratify were. Then hear some do not have to listen to the same goes. It is the best seeker curve, सत्वबुद्धि the seeker of. He आदीशंकराचार्य live, or अष्टावक्र to hear it asks that chef your thing understood by now, it how? Understood by the thing over has now to the point of पूछनी not. असतबुद्धि with guy lifetime curiosity and also the infatuation to only receive. "So religious I have the same to say that community is not in which all communities free and all सिद्धातो from which the wayward is who own verses caught; now between lives within the songs of who won now divine within resonating voice; out which is no longer support not. Which out than destitute of him divine resort gets. But natural, disingenuous full person fascination I falls. Because disingenuous full of people just in fact, knowledge of qualified not had. You from where incomplete return to come his shadow you required will and the shadow of your life distorted that will be. So one thing to well-thought to understand said raw do not return. Sin of experience required, otherwise virtue create will not be. And the world experience necessary, ie, the world of pain and fire undergo only does. Same shines is Kundan. The same from your gold clean happens. So fast do. And also in a hurry, it is difficult to have. He's not home will not ferries will Dhobi ass will be. Not world, not the divine. More people I have a condition sees my two boats rider. Think, the world is also a little care bike, just because the world of mind you missed not; and think, God is also a little care stay. Fear also caught happened. From childhood डरवाए are. Greed have been. Heaven greed, the hell of fear, he also caught is, such डांवांडोल are. It डावांडोलपन leave. If the world to be free of the world of darkness go off in the whole. Consciously the world's OK to experience take. The senses tell you will आत्यंतिक as will tell the world dream. Then among" सत्वबुद्धि '' arise. The world dream, such believe the सत्वबुद्धि the realization. Then you the truth knowing prepare in. When the world dream proven has to be your experience, and a master of small word you startled will gratify you will. Not the end of the moment of man, he stuck is left, the same entangled in lives.