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one should slowly cease from mental action by a buddhi held in the grasp of fixity, and having fixed the mind in the higher self one should not think of anything पूर्वश्लोकमें भगवान्ने entire कामनाओंका Disclaimer and senses of detention to निश्चयकी said. Now कामनाओंका Disclaimer and इन्द्रियोंका detention how to-the measure आगेके श्लोकमें explains. Gradually: शनैरुपरमेद्बुद्ध्या धृतिगृहीतया. आत्मसंस्थं mind: कृत्वा not किञ्चिदपि चिन्तयेत्. 25. धैर्ययुक्त बुद्धिके by (संसारसे) slowly उपराम be should be (and) mind (intelligence) to परमात्मस्वरूपमें due प्रकारसे placement by (again) anything thinking not.
"बुद्ध्या धृतिगृहीतया'-means to-do often साधकोंको उकताहट is frustrating that note promulgate, consider so day were on तत्त्व- receipt not, then what will be? How to be? This बातको the Lord ध्यानयोगके साधकको careful do it ध्यानयोगका practice of accomplishment get not, even if उकताना not be, प्रत्युत patient should. Such as accomplishment get होनेपर, success होनेपर patience lives, failure होनेपर also the same patient should that year-to-year passed जायँ, body gone should, so don't care, on तत्त्वको then get the same. Because it makes up the second any work is not.
 Therefore, it finished by what's next work to do? If it is also increased any work so it leave and कामको just do it! -the type बुद्धिको वशमें take, namely बुद्धिमें value, glorify, comfort आदिको to which संसारका importance had the महत्त्वको removed know. Implies that पूर्वश्लोकमें the विषयोंका sacrifice to be stated, धैर्ययुक्त बुद्धिसे those विषयोंसे उपराम be should be." Gradually: शनैरुपरमेत्'-उपराम होनेमें haste not; but gradually ignoring-do विषयोंसे indifferent to be should be and nostalgic होनेपर them all the same उपराम be should be. कामनाओंका Disclaimer and MNS sense-समूहका संयमन to even after here which उपराम होनेकी thing stated is, it means that a Castaway वस्तुका Disclaimer करनेपर also that Castaway वस्तुके with partial द्वेषका expressions may. That malice-भावको delete here for उपराम होनेकी talked been. Implies that संकल्पोंके not with passion to, not malice to, but they downright उपराम be should be.
Here उपराम होनेकी thing so said was that of God element beaded कब्जेमें does not because mind प्रकृतिका work होनेसे when प्रकृतिको not could hold, then प्रकृतिसे past परमात्मतत्त्वको hold the same how to be? Ie परमात्माका thinking to-do mind परमात्माको take hold-it's her हाथकी doesn't matter. The परमात्माकी शक्तिसे mind your works, her mind how could hold? - 'यन्मनसा not मनुते येनाहुर्मनो मतम्' (Ken 0 1. 5)., Such as the सूर्यके प्रकाशसे lamp, power, etc. published are they lamp etc. सूर्यको how can publish?
Reason that those light so सूर्यसे only comes. Such mind, wisdom आदिमें some of power, he परमात्मासे the leaps. Therefore, they mind, wisdom etc. that परमात्माको how can hold? Not hold can. Secondly, संसारकी side चलनेसे well not found, only grief-the-grief found. Therefore, संसारके चिन्तनसे purpose not looking for. So what to do now? Him उपराम be जायँ. "आत्मसंस्थं mind: कृत्वा'-all place a schchidanand divine the perfect. संकल्पोंमें before and after (अन्तमें) the divine. संकल्पोंमें also based and प्रकाशकरूपसे a divine the perfect.
Them संकल्पोंमें and no power generating not occurred; but they सत्तारूपसे that God is the same. It बुद्धिका determination, decisions are. मनमें a wave born also should be the तरंगको परमात्माका the same format considered. Second expressions that God country, time, object, person, event, the situation, and they all is perfect. This country, time, etc. then are generated and fading are but परमात्मतत्त्व made-deteriorated not. He always steadily-of-unchanged lives. That परमात्मामें मनको stable and that all the place is a God is, that परमात्माके except for the second no power is no such sure determined by anything thinking not." Not किंचिदपि चिन्तयेत्'-संसारका thinking not-it already come by. Now, "divine everywhere perfect 'it thinking also not.
Because when मनको परमात्मामें setting up, so now thinking करनेसे सविकल्प instinct be shall ie beaded relationship with remains, which संसारसे regard-separation will not be.
If' our situation made रहे'-it thinking will then परिच्छिन्नता will remain ie चित्तकी and meditation करनेवालेकी power will continue. Therefore," all place a divine the perfect है'-such determination to post a प्रकारका किंचिन्मात्र also thinking not. Thus उपराम होनेसे automatic proven स्वरूपका experience will be, which describes the first बाईसवें श्लोकमें happened. Attention-related touching thing the main thing is that the divine everywhere is perfect. All देशमें, all कालमें, entire वस्तुओंमें, the entire व्यक्तियोंमें, the entire घटनाओंमें and the entire क्रियाओंमें divine realizing, abstract, etc. all रूपोंसे always steadily-of-unchanged sits.
That परमात्माके except as also प्रकृतिका Act, all-of-all variable. But परमात्मतत्त्वमें ever किंचिन्मात्र also not change was not and will not only be. That परमात्माका note that has should be like a man समुद्रमें deep down should be, so as far as vision is, वहाँतक water ही- water looks is. Look down even if the water, look up even if the water, around water-the-water is perfect. In this way where your own-a place to admit, within also divine, out of God, the above divine, down also divine, around the divine-the-God is perfect. शरीरके also particle-कणमें the divine. That परमात्मतत्त्वको to get the same मनुष्यमात्रका objective and he always-continues to receive.
That परमात्मतत्त्वसे a ever away may not only. Any अवस्थामें him a different may not be. Only your vision विनाशी पदार्थोंकी side रहनेसे he always perfect, senselessly, even, quiet home परमात्मतत्त्व looks not. If the परमात्माकी the vision, goals should be that he everywhere steadily-of-unchanged is perfect, auto focus be will be carefully, do not have to., Such as we all पृथ्वीपर live, our inside-out, up and around the Sky-the-Sky, पोलाहट-the-पोलाहट is but his side of our goal is not lives. If the goal is to be should be, we continued आकाशमें remain. आकाशमें only go, wandered, eat, drink, sleep, wake up to. आकाशमें we all working हैं.परन्तु आकाशकी side ignore होनेसे this address does not think. If the side of attention should be that the Sky is, the cloud because of, rainfall, the Sun, moon, star etc.,
then आकाशका take care of, or not. आकाशका think not होनेपर also our all activities आकाशमें only happen. Such that परमात्मतत्त्वकी the idea not होनेपर also our entire activities that परमात्मतत्त्वमें only getting. Therefore गीताने said-'शनै: शनैरुपरमेद्बुद्ध्या धृतिगृहीतया "ie the बुद्धिमें the endurance is, such बुद्धिके by slowly उपराम be should be. संसारकी any thing मनमें come, so it उपराम be should be. साधककी forget it is that the time he परमात्माका attention to sits, at that time mundane वस्तुकी remember आनेपर he opposed to think. Opposed करनेसे also वस्तुका your relationship with and gets the melody करनेसे also regard gets.
Therefore not his opposition and not the melody in. His ignore him indifferent to जायँ. Regardless be जायँ. संसारकी missing was then come by, not come not come-this बेपरवाहीसे संसारके relationship with don't connect. Therefore, God says her indifferent not only उपराम be should be-'शनै: gradually: उपरमेत्." Generated to be something destroy to be there is this rule. Therefore, संसारका how resolution-option should be, all that destroyed happening. Therefore, it रखनेकी try to mistake and destroy करनेका industry also fault. संसारमें many things generated and destroy are on their sin and virtue of US don't think because they our relationship is not.
 Such मनमें resolution-choice come should be, संसारका thinking be should be, so more of our relationship is not. Not remember to come वस्तुके with respect and not in which वस्तुकी remember came to him, beaded as well as concerned. Our relationship all place perfect परमात्मासे is. Therefore, generated and destroy held resolution-विकल्पसे what the melody and what malice in? This is the place and विनाशका a flow. It उपराम be should be, alienated be should be, its anything care not to. A divine-the-God is perfect. We own personality take hold, then 'I' it दीखने think. It's personality, 'मैं'-Hydro also under which is, that he is great, infinite, even, quiet, सद्घन, चिद्घन, आनन्दघन divine., Such as the whole matter, actions, and a प्रकाशके under are.
That प्रकाशका relationship is just objects, actions, individuals आदिके with and not so किसीके also regard is not. Light their place steadily-of-unchanged is located. It many things come-are there are many activities is lives; but प्रकाशमें anything not matter. Just प्रकाशस्वरूप परमात्माके with any object, action आदिका no relationship is not. Relationship is सम्पूर्णके with respect is, if not किसीके also regard is not.
These object, action, and all the origin-विनाशवाली and he divine अनुत्पन्न element is. That परमात्मामें located in the something even thinking not. A thinking' to 'and a thinking' is' is. Thinking to, and their you have any thinking be should then with your relationship not added, neutral are. वास्तवमें we neutral only because resolution-choice if generated and destroy are we live. Therefore, living स्वरूपमें stay resolution and-विकल्पकी ignore it, then हमारेपर he (determination-option) will not apply. Seeker a mistake that when he world recall, then he him malice that makes it move, it mitao. It करनेसे संसारके with special relationship is added. Therefore, it हटानेका any industry not, प्रत्युत this idea to that which resolution-options are them, he परमात्मतत्त्व steeped is. Such as जलमें बर्फका cob put it, then ice yourself water and outside also water. Such resolution-choice anything came, she परमात्माके only under and resolution-options also under the divine-the-God is perfect. Such as समुद्रमें big waves rising are.
A लहरके after the second wave comes. Them लहरोंमें even water-the-water. देखनेमें wave different दीखती, but जलके except wave is nothing. Such resolution-option परमात्मतत्त्वके except any element, no object is not. Just a old event missing was, he event first was, now that the event is not. Man overpowered that घटनाको remember the nervous that do, mind don't think! वास्तवमें when परमात्माका attention to the time many तरहकी old बातोंकी remember, the old Rite destroy being to appear. But the seeker this बातको got without them power by strong and make takes. So their ignore you know. He is not well understood and not bad understand, so they like born, similarly destroyed जायँगे. Our relationship परमात्माके with.
We परमात्माके and divine ours. Everywhere perfect that परमात्मामें our position all समयमें is it assuming shut down should be. Your तरफसे anything thinking not. Their you thinking be should be so her relationship not added. Then वृत्तियाँ their you quiet be जायँगी and परमात्माका attention automatic will. Because वृत्तियाँ to-be and divine forever home is. The automatic prove, it do have? Do something not only. Seeker it assumes that I care am, meditation am-it fault. When all the place is a God is, what thinking to what note to! समुद्रमें waves are on the water-तत्त्वमें not waves are not sea. Just परमात्मतत्त्वमें not world, not shape, not come to go. He परमात्मतत्त्व perfect, the problem is, quiet, the senselessly is, automatic prove. His thinking it doesn't. His thinking what to do?
There our position automatic is, every time. Behave time that परमात्मासे we different are not, प्रत्युत continued the live. When व्यवहारवाली वस्तुओंको respect currently, the importance give, then विक्षेप happens. एकान्तमें sitting and a thing goes missing the विक्षेप gets. वास्तवमें विक्षेप that बातसे does not. Him power give, importance give him विक्षेप happens. Such as आकाशमें cloud come and quiet are, such as मनमें many स्फुरणाएँ come and quiet are. In the Sky many cloud come and gone जायँ, on आकाशमें some does not change; he steadily-of-unchanged lives. Such ध्यानके time missing something come or not come, divine steadily-of-unchanged perfect lives.
Remember anything come so it is also the divine and missing something not come so it is also divine. देखनेमें, सुननेमें, समझनेमें that come should be them all out of God and all within divine. Variable and constant that is, he also divine the same. Far-to-away also divine, near-to-close also divine. But very subtle होनेसे he बुद्धिके under does not (Gita-XIII अध्यायका पन्द्रहवाँ staff). So he divine सद्घन, चिद्घन, आनन्दघन is. Everywhere full fun, great fun, even fun, quiet fun, Cube fun, real fun, irrevocable fun, fun-the-joy! एकान्तमें attention to except for the second time while working do understand that God they all is perfect.
 While working be the परमात्माकी power treat, then ध्यानके time big help and ध्यानके time resolution-विकल्पकी ignored by परमात्मामें firm located will then behavior when परमात्माके चिन्तनमें big help.
The seeker is, he hour or two-hour, not the eight o'clock seeker happens. Such as Brahmin your ब्राह्मणपनेमें continued located lives, such as the only creatures परमात्मामें continued located live. Brahmin so born, but God created does not. But work-business while पदार्थोंकी, क्रियाओंकी, व्यक्तियोंकी the instinct रहनेसे those they all Amazon divine looks not. Therefore एकान्तमें sit attention when and व्यवहारकालमें when working साधककी view this side remain be that all the country, time, object, person, event, action आदिमें a परमात्मतत्त्व the steadily-of-unchanged is perfect. उसीमें located and anything thinking not. Appendix expressions-ध्यानयोगके two are (1) मनको converge and (2) विवेकपूर्वक MNS regard-separation to do. विवेकपूर्वक relationship-विच्छेदसे immediate discharge is. संसारमें how sin-virtuous leads, with him on our relationship is not only, such as the body-इन्द्रियाँ mind-बुद्धिके with our relationship is not. इसीको 'उपरति' says. Thinking करनेकी वृत्तिसे also regard not should.
श्रीमद्भागवतमें came is- सर्वं ब्रह्मात्मकं तस्य विद्ययात्ममनीषया. परिपश्यन्नुपरमेत् सर्वतो मुक्तसंशय :. (श्रीमद्भा 0 11. 2 9. 18) 'the aforesaid instrument (mind-speech-शरीरकी all actions of the divine worship) by भक्तका' everything परमात्मस्वरूप the है'-it certainly is. Then he अध्यात्मविद्याके by all प्रकारसे संशयरहित through all the place परमात्माको thoroughly sees the उपराम be should be ie 'everything God only हैं'-it thinking not were प्रत्युत interview God only दीखने begin.
"The whole country, time, action, object, person, state, the situation, the event आदिमें the same परमात्मतत्त्व सत्तारूपसे steadily-of-unchanged is perfect. Country, period आदिका the absence, but of God तत्त्वका continual sense. Thus seeker the first to mind-बुद्धिसे the decide to take that' परमात्मतत्त्व is'. Then निश्चयको also leave and up to should be ie anything thinking not. आत्माका, अनात्माका, परमात्माका, संसारका, संयोगका, वियोगका anything thinking not. Anything thinking will then the world come as will be. Reason that anything thinking करनेसे mind (version) साथमें will. Karan साथमें will then संसारका Disclaimer will not because version also world the same.
Therefore," not किञ्चिदपि चिन्तयेत् in करणसे regard-separation is because when Karan साथमें not be only real attention will. Micro-of-the micro-thinking करनेपर also instinct remains the same, वृत्तिका lack does not. But anything thinking करनेका expressions not रहनेसे instinct automatic quiet is. Therefore, साधकको चिन्तनकी downright ignore have. Such as जलके stable (quiet) होनेपर it was the soil gradually: -शनै: their you sit down is, such as quiet होनेपर all disorder gradually: -शनै: their you quiet are, ego gal and is real element (अहंरहित power) experience gets. Here वृत्तिका lack करनेमें the 'gradually: gradually:' पदोंका use is' gradually: gradually: 'कहनेका implies that overpowered not, early not because of birth जन्मान्तरके Rite जल्दबाजीसे not fading.
 Haste चंचलताको stable, permanent galvanic, but "gradually: gradually:' चंचलताका destroy galvanic is. प्रकृतिके सम्बन्धके without तत्त्वका meditation, meditation, and may not be. Therefore, the seeker तत्त्वका thinking will then mind साथमें will contemplate the mind साथमें will surely will then wisdom साथमें will, philosophy of will then vision साथमें will, hearing will then श्रवणेन्द्रिय साथमें will, statement will then says साथमें will be. Such as' a 'the will then recognition and माननेवाला living will be and' no 'inhibition of will then inhibition Rectifier living will be. कर्तृत्वाभिमानका Disclaimer will then I subject not हूँ'-it micro-ego living will be ie abandoned करनेसे Castaway object and Solitaire (Disclaimer integrator) living will be.
Therefore, the seeker उपराम be should be ie not recognized to, not prohibit to: not assumed to, not abandon to, प्रत्युत automatic proven natural तत्त्वको admit to and out-भीतरसे up to should be. मेरेको up to be-it request (determination) not kept, if not कर्तृत्व come will be because up automatic prove. Seeker I, you, it and it-in चारोंको leave a' is' (सत्तामात्र) goes live. The automatic proven 'is' accept take and its on behalf on anything thinking not. If their you have any thinking come should be so it is not melody to, not malice to: not agreed, not angry; not him well known, not bad considered and not अपनेमें considered, meditation not, but thinking be should be his fault don't. Their you air flows, सरदी-warmly comes, rainfall his we no fault don't think because her with our no relationship is not the same.
Blame the जड़तासे relationship जोडऩेसे think. Therefore, meditation be should be his ignore placed, with her अपनेको mix ie not do not assume that I thinking am and meditation मेरेमें happens. Thinking मनमें is and beaded with my no relationship is not." आत्मसंस्थं mind: कृत्वा' 'in mind' words बुद्धिका reader is because versatility मनमें and stability बुद्धिमें is. Therefore, 'आत्मसंस्थम्' कहनेका implies that the versatility don't are, प्रत्युत stability are. Such as' this particular village है'-such a validation firm होनेसे it thinking do not have, such as "divine हैं'-such a validation firm are then it thinking not have to. The automatic prove his thinking what to do?'
s why आत्मचिन्तन करनेसे आत्मबोध does not because of self-thinking करनेसे thinker lives and अनात्माकी power lives. अनात्माकी power treat, if so अनात्माका Disclaimer and आत्माका thinking will! 'Not किञ्चिदपि चिन्तयेत्'-it' silent means', 'silent discourses and अचिन्त्यका attention also says. This is neither स्थूलशरीरकी action, not सूक्ष्मशरीरका meditation and not due to शरीरकी stability. It इन्द्रियाँ too quiet, mind too quiet, wisdom also keep ie body-इन्द्रियाँ mind-बुद्धिकी no action is not. All quiet, a speaking not!
Which see he took a look, listen to was he hear taken, say he speaking taken, was he has now see anything, listen, speaking, to आदिकी interest no-it होनेपर the' silent means' is. It 'silent means' समाधिसे too high because it wisdom and अहम्से regard-separation is. समाधिमें the rhythm, विक्षेप, astringency and रसास्वाद-these four defects (disturbance) live, silent on साधनमें these defects live. Quiet means वृत्तिरहित is.

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