Sunday 24 December 2017

वैदीक विज्ञानभाष्य्

swamishishuvidehanand tiw: swamishishuvidehanand tiw: annealed, 24/12/2017 / night 10 "48- (22" 48) श्रिदुर्गारक्ताम्बरा shaktipeeth, founder अध्यक्ष् सौरमण्डलेश्वर, स्वामि शिशुविदेहानंद Muse TI chef "अग्निहोत्रितिवारी 'Tiwari piggery कारंजालाड (Dutt) 444105 district washim Maharashtra माॅ Meera Bai are TI organized by the program सव्वाकरोड soil Lingam building in the world's several person global warming and global औष्णिकरण on Sun 1994/2005 / work spiritual method start पहलाचरण एकतालिसलाख Eleven thousand पाचसौ of livelong be has now दुसराचरण एकसष्टलाख ग्यारहहजार मिट्टि the Lingam construction of the start, .. अथातों वृक्षसंवर्धन जिद्न्यासा .. एकसठलाख ग्यारहहजार शिवलिंगम् of अभिषेकम् पुजनम् दुसराचरण has been completed. mother Meera Bai are तिवारि organized by the program सव्वासौकरोड soil शिवलिंगम् construction एकसष्ठ million ग्यारहहजार nine hundred (6100000" 11 thousand nine hundred) .. अथातों Vedic tree जिद्न्यासा .. श्रिदुर्गारक्ताम्बरा शक्तिपिठ, founder of President स्वामिशिशुविदेहानन्द'स्वामिशिशुसत्यविदेहानन्द सरस्वति तिवारीमहाराज कारंजालाड (Dutt) 444105 district washim mother मिराबाई हरीकिसन तिवारि, under the guidance शक्तीपिठ all वृक्षसंवर्धन functions are. * here trees big and countryside in jnjn donated to the featured on the go * .. अथातों वृक्षसंवर्धन जिद्न्यासा .. श्रिदुर्गारक्ताम्बरा शक्तिपिठ, founder of President स्वामिशिशुविदेहानन्दस्वामिशिशुसत्यविदेहानन्द सरस्वति तिवारीमहाराज, the auspices of huge plantation and षोषखड्डा = rainwater harvesting,, the प्रीय friends the followers, and members we स्वामिशिशुविदेहानन्दस्वामिशिशुसत्यविदेहानन्द सरस्वति तिवारीमहाराज evocation do .. the शिवलिंगम् construction joined. swamishishuvidehanand tiwarimaharaj swamishishuvidehanandswamishishusatyavidehanand sarswati 0992170260/0950385797. अथातों वेदान्तज्ञान जिद्न्यासा. वैदीकहठयोगविज्ञान sensation although in the body is, but the body, the only curtain, mind / mind projector. body works - mind works of external-launch just is. which आदीशंकराचार्य live by name (heart) and as (body) of section said. here know it is necessary to mind works? mind the consciousness of the four of segment of 1. the first section - science: learn works. 2. the second section - noun: identify works. rating also does. 3. the third section - Pang: condolences to feel the turn of the works. 4. the fourth section - funeral: response to the works. (वैदीक tradition in the same to mind, wisdom, mind, ego said only words difference). the six senses (eyes, nose, ears, tongue, skin and mind) on these four of segment work .. the eye on an as came, nose, no smell come, ear no words come, tongue a juice came on the skin a श्पर्शव्य substance came to mind, a reflection came first of the section of science awakens (no-no-no sense there is). psyche of the first section is activated. for example: ear no words come, psyche of the first section "science": active is ear words of science awakened, full body of a kind of "neutral" waves ripple when you think. so in the mood of the second section "name": identify work begins - here come the section recognizes not evaluate also gives "abuse" word or "praise" word just .. so in the mood of the third section active is Pang (sensation): as soon as the word assessment that "abuse" word, that the whole body in which the neutral waves / condolences were they "sad" emotions I will change, and if the word assessment that "praise" words so that the whole body in which the neutral waves / condolences were they "Pleasant" emotions I will change. until then all right, but these are the mood of the fourth section is "values": the response to the works. what reacts? and whom per? these response does these "Pleasant" and "sad" emotions to. "Pleasant" emotions per response does - that "and should - and should" --या these Pleasant condolences simply remains, which we "passion" (want) says. "sad" emotions per "don't want - --नहीं should" that reacts, these sad emotions to remove the effort is that we "malice," says. melody-malice body of emotions towards is "not the body of external topics per' as soon as these emotions per melody or malice response is our sacraments / disorders promotion (मल्टिप्लिकेशन) is. and if these" Pleasant "or" sad "emotions to witness expressions, symphonic expressions, neutral expressions placed should or in" Pleasant "or" sad "emotions to witness expressions, symphonic expressions, neutral expressions seen (experience) should be our sacraments / disorders उदीर्णा (loss) is. these which चित्तधारा on melody or hatred of the treaty is इसीको witness expressions, symphonic expressions, neutral expressions to see ऋषिपतंजलि the sum of said. these are all very fast happens and अनुभूतियों at the level of the whole process can be understood. the six इन्द्रियाँ body in, but these topics out. until alive, all शरीरस्कंध on the far-not-somewhere, a-not-for some reason, the no-no-no sense (sensations) in the lives. the six senses doors their subject collide so sensation is. within the mind and body of the confrontation sensation is." also mind converts into matter & matter converts into mind 'अंतर्मन the depths in these emotions due to the melody-malice response to be the same is. and these reasons जिव जृत्त्व the never increasing.

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