prarabradhama paramhansa shri sadgurudev swami trilokchand akhandanand nursinha samartha
"om h2o nmaha
"om god particles namaha"
"om -2m ^+ namha"
"om + 9m ^ pq 2 namha"
due to efects of global warming there exist several problems and affects so many difficulties on national and international levels. till now, ma ny discussions and debetes are going on but niether any results are out of from these sources nor the problem is solved. if we are failed to to throw it, it will be very dangerous to universe and earth also also. apart from this in near future the eath as well as universe has no existence . so, its very essential to come together and to sort out the problem by raising powerful movement in this respect .on this powerful and important issue , the native of KARANJA {LAD} and also the promoter of RAKTAMBARA SHAKTIPEETH and peethacharyas SHRI,SHRI,SHRi,SHRI,SHRI,100008 SWAMI SHISHU STYAVIDEHANAND SARASWATI {TIWARI MAHARAJ} has already arranged one religious proggrame. on the point of prime and saft for religious base, universal truth and some how physiclal aspect to profeet environmental problems for better rains and sufficient water uses mustbe essential for humn beings as well as animals and all nature also. SHRI SWAMIJI SHISHU TIWARI MAHARAJ is ready to face the problems for human beings on earth , by starting 99999 crores , MAA DURGA JAGDAMBA'S" KARUNASHTROTRA PAATH" along with on the base of vaidik style- for sofficient water resources. SWAMIJI has also started on H2O NAMHA religious functions. it is confident that due to such religious activities in the world, problem of water resources will be solved. it is also confident that due to such activities,the humn behaviour will wake up and join their hands in this important task. SWAMIJI SHISHU TIWARI MAHARAJ would like to appeal to the people to extent their co-operation in all respect for good of the society. this type of programme is open for all people and also open for all religions. now the proper time has come to attend such universal responsibilities. in this connection for more details please contact SHRI TIWARI MAHARAJ, TIWARI WADA , PRABHAT TALKIES ROAD , KARANJA {DATTA} DIST. WASHIM {MAHARASHTRA} PIN .NO. 444105 IN PITHADEESH MAA DURGA RAKTAMBARAS SHAKTI PEETH.
please also note such type of karuna shrotra is available @ WWW.DURGARAKTAPEETH.COM . mobile number is also for better contact{M.NO.} SWAMIJI- 09921700260 A part from this we can also develope our mind in such a way like the elements of mind alternatively we can describe it that it is nothing than the spiritual level level of open hearted mind and this elements is MIND=OPEN heart i.e. soul. if your mind and heart is not open with positive thinking then there is no use of all studies and control of every thing is respect of happiness in life. only pure and open minded "HEART" can reach upto every person for achievement his/her motto , so each and every human behaviour has to act as per the directions by soul power in a perfect direction. "soul" as well as "heart" can judge the things and possibilties beyond the general level of knowledge , in general awareness.
whenever the time comes the knowledge and open mind heart=mind . there is a gap of proper understanding at the time our mind= heart can guide properly than imagination so because you have to adopt the principles laid down by pure"heart".
if on time, mind realises the efforts made by your mind with approval of soul and heart and also has to prepare your mind that this act is not on good path , you have to avoid such activities. apart from this at the end we have to adopt the principles of mind for attending duties to walk on good path and to summarise the situation and to arrive at that the actnd work attended by our own knowledge is / may be on wrong direction. whereas the acts attended by open and pure heart are on good and correct path. in such a way at the end you realise that the mistakes done by mind are on higher side where as mistakes done by heart and soul are on lower side . we can judge and justify the reality with the help of pure heart and acts as a mirror to show the real picture of life . whenever "heart" is becoming pure and pure at the time the universals truth reflect in heart and such type of activity can be justified if your heart is purely developed ,then the universal truth is displayed in the world . machines , concept of the energy and such type of inventions how such scientist can develop the inventional orinciples . it is invented because their souls are fully developed with pure knowledge.
now a days the artificial needs have been created and "poor people" also trying for utilising such type of needs whether availability of money is there or not. it proves that moral teaching{SANSKAR} are not justified to the level . it shows the diminishing and undeveloped position and human behaviour . moral teachaing{SANSKAR} co-relates with knowledge and some of te people have taken disadvantage of such type of knowlegdeover to solve{CAULAM} {POOR PEOPLE} we can easily solve the problems of happiness through pure heart and open positive mind. but while looking to the developements and the inventions of science it is very clear that through many inventions had been carried out by scientists but there is vast scope of inventions in mind and power energy like science has attended so many research and studied various type of principles with intreset. it has been helped human behaviour alot but steel one segment has left behind on which science have niether focused nor developed keen intrest on doing any research . this segment is such that without it none of the inventions has meaning and that topic is still "UNDEFINED" "UNDEFINED" "UNDEFINED" due to this principle , all human imagination is converted into reality . it's like albert einstines's concept of energy, newton's law of gravity and other inventions like telephone, television , computer, electricity, automobile car etc. were just the brain child and then it got converted into reality.apart from this the other super power is inden-tited is as a sky . this is also one of the important energy. the global warming natural and arrhical irregularities can be controlled by diving thinking which is completely bassed on "mind". the ozone layer is getting their due to the green house gases like CO2,CO,CH4 and nitrogen fluride which is due to the radiation from computers. we can reduce it by suitable particles from mind devine thinking and sky and with the help of Nine{9} super powers ''JAAP" , "TAAP", "HAVAN", "ARATI", "PRATHANS","STOTRA", "MEDITATION", "DHARNA" and the final stage "SAMADHI".
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