the utter negligence of mankind towards environment is creating dangerous consequences in our life , now a days in summer temprature is increasing every year. now the temperature is reaching near to 50'c . also in winter there is cold wave in our nation and also in many nations temprature is below 0'c in many cities this is distubing our ecological balance . life is affecting in a very big way. all the environmentalist and scientists should work seriously for environment . india is a country known for spirituality . we should also perform our "UPASANA" , "BHAKTI" to increase "SPIRITUAL POWER" so as to create "GOD PARTICLES" in environment . those "GOD PARTICLES" will create the necessary balance in environment..
our sadguru , our ultimate guide SWAMI SHISHU VIDEHANAND SARASWATI TIWARI MAHARAJ KARANJA {DATTA} NIWASI is creating "DEVI CHETNA" with the programme "OM H2O NAMAHA". join this "OM H2O NAMAHA" movement and also join 99999 karod karunastotra jaap movement to save environment...
i have written this literature in 1981
an now i am publishing this literature