!! om jai durga !!

prarabradhama paramhansa shri sadgurudev swami trilokchand akhandanand nursinha samartha
"om h2o nmaha
"om god particles namaha"
"om -2m ^+ namha"
"om + 9m ^ pq 2 namha"
due to efects of global warming there exist several problems and affects so many difficulties on national and international levels. till now, many discussions and debetes are going on but niether any results are out of from these sources nor the problem is solved. if we are failed to to throw it, it will be very dangerous to universe and earth also also. apart from this in near future the eath as well as universe has no existence . so, its very essential to come together and to sort out the problem by raising powerful movement in this respect .on this powerful and important issue , the native of KARANJA {LAD} and also the promoter of RAKTAMBARA SHAKTIPEETH and peethacharyas SHRI,SHRI,SHRi,SHRI,SHRI,100008 SWAMI SHISHU STYAVIDEHANAND SARASWATI {TIWARI MAHARAJ} has already arranged one religious proggrame. on the point of prime and saft for religious base, universal truth and some how physiclal aspect to profeet