Friday 3 March 2017


When your body came into being it was in only "one cell "
into a cell of your body Gikus full knowledge that a cell is formed, where the kidney where eyes should be the heart and where you ever thought about it?
 moon, stars, wind, clouds, water, earth - everything made from the same material made of a single element in that one element is called Shiva Shiva elements are difficult to explain because it is the only experience a limit can be described by words,
then words are not enough Rhtekkya possible Shiva is a person? What he has no form? Mount Kailash is he sitting there? The whole universe is Shiva Shiva elements (abstract), which he created all, everyone is going to follow and which to merge all of which you can not ever step out of the Shiva elements
, because the whole universe is Shivmay Kshiv as meaning world - the whole world of those they see as yet formless Hakbrhmand themselves sinking deeper into the fundamental sound you can learn them if you can figure out how to Shiva? Only through meditation.
Durga is the consciousness of the entire universe.
Hail to mother goddess!!
Adoration to Lord Durga

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