Sunday 19 March 2017


👏👏 Shiva the meaning of the same-the "कल्याणस्वरूप" and "कल्याणप्रदाता" Lord Shiva gods also Dev are. Lord Shiva way family God says we could, but still Cemetery in live, the Lord Shiva the mundane notwithstanding Cemetery in residence to the back of life spells a deep formula is hidden, the world fascination-Maya symbol while cremation quietness of, Lord Shiva say that the world live in other looking for the entire do, but fascination-Maya stay away from. Because of the world so mortal is a not a day these things destruction is, therefore, the world, while in any of fascination do not put and looking for the entire while recluse like conduct do, Shiva to slaughter of God has been said, ie when a man all its limitations to break think since then Shiva his self-destruct give that their sin deeds of fruit hooks save lives they प्रेतयोनि achieving are. Since Shiva slaughter of God are, therefore, these penalty also they are, therefore, Shiva the ghost-ghosts of God called, in fact, it is the ghost-Phantom is nothing but the micro-body symbol, Lord Shiva this message is that all creatures that all hate or fear do, they also Shiva near can access, only the condition that they are your shirt Lord Shiva dedicated to please. Lord Shiva all the mysterious are their clothing and accessories also the same number of bizarre, the mundane people just shy away, Lord Shiva it the same with your account, Lord Shiva only God who throat snake holds are seen to be the snake very dangerous creature, but without due to a not bites, snake ecosystem of important creatures, let-अंजाने these men help the same day. Some people fear or your personal interest for serpents kill give life, spells approach seen to be the Lord Shiva snake embrace hold these messages are, that the life cycle in every creature of your special contributions, but without due to a creature murder not, Trident Lord Shiva head of arms is if Trident a symbol of the picture see if there are three pointy end look, Yun it weapons self-destruct symbol on in fact it is very deep it tells. In the world three trends there are sat, range and good, sat means pious, range means mundane and final means passionate ie निशाचरी nature, every man in these three trends recognizes are the only difference is that these amounts vary, Trident three pointy end of these three trends represent, Trident through the Lord Shiva this message give these properties on our full control, it Trident only taken to be when a difficult to come, if these three properties need according to use. Gods and Demons by date we could sea churning out of toxin God Lord Shiva his throat hold did toxin effect of his throat Blue fall and they Jay known as हुयें, sea brainstorm means? Your mind to churn, ideas shake, the mind's thoughts and feelings are them, stirring to remove and good ideas to adopt, when we your mind मथेंगे first bad idea only will. That toxin to venom evils of symbol, Shiva by her throat hold km to him, his overwhelmed not be made, Shiva toxin drink US this message that gives US the evils your overwhelmed not should, evils of every step on the face should, Shiva by toxin drink it also makes learning that if there is no evil create getting so we others don't get it. God Lord Shiva the vehicle Nandi the Bull, Bull very hard life is, he powerful be in spite of quiet and including gullible is, as Lord Shiva also परमयोगी and powerful are other also ultimate quiet holders and so naive that one of their name bholenath also in the world famous, God Lord Shiva by the way Cupid to consume the conquered was the same way their vehicles Kami not does it work full control over happens. As well as Nandi the efforts of the symbol considered is hard to even after the Bull ever lavishing no, he constantly your Karma the lives, this means that we always your Karma continue be, Karma the due to the way Nandi Shiva to Dear, so we also God Lord Shiva pleased can find, Lord Shiva a name bhaalachandr also known, bhaalachandr means Nob on the moon holds to. Moon nature soft is, of the moon Rays also coldness provide, life spells approach seen to be the Lord Shiva say life how too big problem why not come to be, mind always quiet as must, if mind quiet will be the thickest solved the problem is also out come, astrology in the moon Mana factor planet has been regarded, mind trend very playful is. Lord Shiva of the moon to hold means that the mind always your control should, mind भटकेगा goal of receipt not be will, who mind control took his life in hard difficult target also easily attains, religious texts, according to all of the gods two eyes, but only Shiva such God whose three eyes are three eyes of the Lord Shiva to त्रिनेत्रधारी also says. Life spells terms of seen to be so Shiva third eye symbolic, the eyes of the work is way to show and the way in the upcoming troubles careful to life in several times a crisis also tend to come, that we do not understand find, such time discretion and patience as a true guide as we have the right-wrong identify worldwide, it's discretion, therefore, inspiration as our inside remains the same, where our third eye, just need to wake of. Our religion in the scriptures where all the gods and goddesses to wear-jewelery equipped stated, the Lord Lord Shiva just deer leather wrapped and consumed fitted have been told, consumed Shiva's leading clothing, too, because Shiva full body only consumed covered lives, Shiva's consumed रमाने behind some of scientific and spiritual due to consume a feature is that it is the body of Rome holes to stops. Its main properties that it on the body to heat from heat and cold cold not seem, consumed skin related diseases in drug works, भस्मी to hold of Shiva this message also give, circumstances that according to your you mold man's largest properties, Lord Shiva the cannabis-धतूरा mainly plated is, it is believed that the Lord of cannabis-धतूरा offer they are delighted to. Cannabis and धतूरा drug, the common these intake drunk for the life, spells, according to the Lord Shiva cannabis-धतूरा offer means your evil God is dedicated to, or if you have some sort of intoxication when it God to tributes to give, and in the future ever drugs of abuse not to commit, it to God's Grace you will remain and life sukhamoy will. Shivpuran and for all texts Lord Shiva to bilwa letter to offer special significance have been told, three cards with bilwa letters to the same Shiva of worship appropriate considered, it is also take care should be that bilvptr three cards from anywhere mutilated not, life spells approach seen to be so bilwa letter of these three cards four पुरुषार्थों in three of the symbol are religion, meaning and work. When you are three selfless Quote from the Lord Shiva dedicated to give the fourth efforts the Salvation own get is shivpuran, according to Lord Shiva Kailash Mountain live, the mountains on the common people do not come-go, perfect guy as there access to find, Lord Shiva also on Mount Kailash yoga absorbed in live. Life spells terms of seen to be the Mountain symbol solitary and height of, if you have some sort of accomplishment seeking, so it for you privacy location on the silence should, such location practice to your mind भटकेगा, and practice of high-state access to go, Lord Shiva name remember and worship of man all sins gets rid, and this life in large excellent pleasures of consumption by the end shivlok to get takes.

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