Thursday 23 March 2017


Who says creation?
creation of primitive dimension not truth was not असत्, not air was not the Sky, not death was not immortality, not night was not day, the only one who was वायुरहित position in your power breathing was. His additional was nothing. ''. BIS metal is made of the world. This metal Vishnu causes. Universe across the world's second name. It creature and dead both in common. The world birth and death order to say. The world means the world. That's all creation, which is paired-worsening lives. Creation originally Sanskrit word. It is the world, the world, the world, or the universe is also can say. Hinduism memory under history book mythology, according to the creation of the creator Brahma are. The creation of सृष्टिकाल complete this last 'natural Holocaust' time brhmlin will be. Some Aeon after re-creation cycle will start. This creation Manu son of human residents are. Sun all creation of the spirit has been said. Sun are numerous. Holocaust after creation and creation after Holocaust nature of the rules. Creation cycle this creation Manu son of human residents are. Sun all creation of the spirit has been said. Sun are numerous. Holocaust after creation and creation after Holocaust nature of the rules. Universe nature or root world can be said. It here we understand terms of creation also can say. This universe or creation in place, follow and judgment constantly moving is still continues and will continue. Four like the judgment of, the continual, casual, द्विपार्ध and natural. Natural nature is भस्मरूप. भस्मरूप बिखरकर अणुरूप gets. Shruti under the Hindu धर्मग्रंथ Veda creation of nature, अविद्या or Maya says are the means of ignorance or not imagine. Upanishad say ऐंद्रिक experience a type of confusion. In all topics false are. The world false to: this means that as i'd like to meet the world do not so it Maya or false say that भ्रमपूर्ण. Until the world to our senses learn will try our hand in a perfect truth will not be. The world related to the truth to learn ऐंद्रिक knowledge stems from myth to remove it is necessary. Similar to that science say that animals black and White only appears is- the world black and White only consider to be. The man who is visible his true what evidence? That's why each thinker or religious person of the world to your wisdom कोटियों according to which defines that मिथ्याज्ञान, because the world to consider not be known. Our Saints the idea and reflect the power of the rise above the world to go and see. He it the same said as seen and Sage-Munis differences in did not because differences just विचारवानों same happens-अंतरज्ञानियों not. This world अविद्या stated. अविद्या only vedantic Maya say and Maya itself-Gita in the placenta stated. It is the nature and creation says. The nature of the the macro and liquid as the root and water. Nature of the Astral as also include such as the air, fire and the Sky. Vedanta according to the root and animate two elements are. It only Gita in the placenta and para stated. It only sankhya Yogi nature and guy says, the world and soul is called. Philosophical these two elements different name defined and do the same number of distinction do. Veda the universe punch funds with know its glory description of this. Gita these punch कोशों eight parts divided into doing its glory description of the activities. Memory Vedas clear explanation. Mythology in the Vedas things mythical detail found. The mythical detail anywhere-somewhere illusion of origin is. पुराणकार vedavyaas say that the Vedas itself evidence believe should. Creation of the universe is called the universe that Brahman effect generated Oval creation. Mythology in Brahma to Brahman (God) the son is considered to be so according to him Brahma by the universe composition is considered. Across the universe or creation in place, follow and judgment of lives. In the universe this time also somewhere creation and judgment running as is.

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