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ता १६/3/२०१७/_
' ७"३३
श्रिदुर्गारक्ताम्बरा शक्तिपीठ ,संस्थापक अध्यक्ष
हम स्वामि शिशुविदेहानंद सरस्वती तिवारी महाराज ' अग्निहोत्रितिवारी'
तिवारी का बाडा
कारंजालाड (दत्त) 444105 जिला वाशिम महाराष्ट्र

 माॅ  मीराबाई ह तिवारी द्वारा आयोजित कार्यक्रम सव्वाकरोड मिट्टी के शिवलिंग निर्माण में विश्व के  अनेकानेक व्यक्ति

ग्लोबल वार्मिंग एवं भूमंडलीय औष्णिकरण पर सन 1994/2005/ से कार्य  अध्यात्मिक पद्धति  से शुरू है

पहलाचरण एकतालिसलाख ग्यारह हजार पाचसौ का पुर्ण हो चूका,
दुसराचरण एकतालिसलाख ग्यारहहजार मिट्टि के शिवलिंग निर्माण का शुरू है ,
।। अथातों  वैदिक  जिद्न्यास।।

जीवात्मा 1) individual soul who say? North = a object which is very subtle, very small, a place to stay is, in which the knowledge that feeling of properties, the color as smell weight (weight) is not ever destroy does not, which is always and forever be, which man-bird veterinary etc. body holds the and work in independent her individual soul says. 2) individual soul of suffering the cause of what? North = individual soul of suffering cause मिथ्याज्ञान is.
3) what individual soul location surrounded be? North = no, individual soul space घेरती. A needle the tip of the world of all जीवात्माएँ might. 4) individual soul of Holocaust in what is. What's that time the knowledge is? North = judgment curve in bound जीवात्माएँ मूर्च्छित state is.
The knowledge of Hey, but the body, mind etc. साधनो the absence from does not appear. 5) the Holocaust times in free souls what stage in the lives? North = Holocaust period free souls animate the state in the lives and God fun in beatify lives. 6) individual soul of synonyms what is? North = soul, biology, Indra, male, dehi, Upendra, वेश्वानर etc. many name Vedas, etc. in Scripture come. 7) what individual soul your wish to other body add can enter? North = can't. 8) Mukti time how much is? North = 1 महाकल्प - rig Veda = 1 board 24 sukta 2 mantra. 31 Neil 10 trillion 40 billion years discharge of time.
9) individual soul female or male or neuter is? North = individual soul three not. The sex so bodies are. 10) what individual soul of God part? North = no, individual soul of God carried out is not. God अखण्ड the then carried out = pieces not occur. 11) what individual soul of a weight, featured, size, etc.? North = no. 12) individual soul of Mukti a rise in the summer or a number of birth in the summer? North = individual soul of Mukti a rise in no, but many जन्मो in the summer. 13) what individual soul Mukti add to once again in the world comes back? North = Yes. Individual soul visitors to go after re-body to hold back to come. 14) individual soul symptoms do? North = individual soul symptoms of desire, malice, try, knowledge, well, sorrow of sensation to do. 15) my mind assumes no, this statement is OK? North = no. Root mind to run with animate individual soul is. 16) what individual soul works of fruit own also be? North = Yes. Individual soul some works of fruit own also be जैसै theft of punishment by filling out. But all of your works fruit of the individual soul own may not take. 17) what individual soul Karma the awake tired is? North = no, individual soul works to do Huey lavishing not, but the body, इन्द्रियाँ of power is reduced.
18) individual soul how natural powers? North = 24 natural powers. 19) in the scriptures soul to know why must have been told? North = individual soul format to learn from the body, sense and mind on the right to get is a result आत्मज्ञानी bad things escaped the best works the same day. 20) individual soul format (properties, Karma, nature, length, width, volume) what is? North = individual soul molecule format, abstract, अल्पज्ञ, अल्पशक्तिमान is, he animate and deeds to add free, children's point of the country thousandths part of subtle. This is your special independent power keeps. 21) individual soul body is where the remains Hey? North = individual soul mainly in the body location special named heart is, there remains but accessory the eye, Gorge, etc. places in the accommodation does. 22) what, man, animal bird, kit Kite etc. bodies in individual soul different are or the same type are? North = soul so many but every soul a stuff: man, animals, birds, etc. kit Kite शरीरो in different जीवात्माएं not, but the same type of जीवात्माएं replies bodies of distinction आत्माओ not | 23) individual soul body why holds is? From when doing and how long will? North = individual soul, your Karma to reap and Salvation to get the body to hold the world of the beginning of this body holds come and until Salvation to get does not until body holds this will | 24) what liturgical creature, ghost, Phantom, dakn etc. as a wandering is? North = liturgical creature not ghost, Phantom causes nor wandering is this is the people of knowledge Karan Bani the false belief: 25) in the body individual soul when therefore, is? North = when the womb assumption is only individual soul come is that he cum in as already present is, and when रजवीर्य find then this is false धारणाये 3-Ray a month or 8 or 9 they month comes in | 26) what creatures and Brahman (God) is the same? Or what 'soul the sleeping God' the same? North = creatures and Brahman not the same but two different matter which properties Karma nature different places | so it is recognized fine not wrong: 27) what creatures God could? North = creatures ever God not could | 28) what individual soul an object? North = Yes, individual soul a conscious object, Vedic views object it has been said, which some properties Karma, nature are visit: 2 9) what individual soul body to leave and new body to hold free? North = individual soul new body to hold in not free but God is subject: God when a body individual soul of enjoyment complete is individual soul out takes and new body offers | human soul by killing body leave free also: 30) abstract molecule form an individual soul so large bodies how to show? North = such power large = large-machines to run your similar abstract notwithstanding individual soul your efforts rupee magnetic force bodies to run away | 31) man die after 84 million species in the hang out after man birth get | what it is recognized right? North = no man after death immediately or some lives (after your कर्फल indulgence according) man born may find: 32) body after leaving (death पश्च्यात) how many times individual soul second body holds is? North = individual soul body after leaving (death पश्च्यात) God arranged according to a few moments in शिघ्र the other body holding takes this is normal rule: 33) what is this rule is no exception also happens? North = Yes, this exception to the rule is: death पश्च्यात when individual soul a body leaves but next body to get your कर्मोंनुसार mother's womb is not available some time to God system remains in | पश्च्यात friendly parents to meet the God of व्यवस्थानुसार their here born: 34) individual soul of visitors to do and how is? North = nature of the binding of discount and God absolute pleasure to achieve the name of Salvation: this Salvation वेदादि scriptures tell of yoga through समाधी obtained by all अविद्या the sacraments by destroying only receive: 35) Liberation of individual soul of what is where he lives? Body without senses of how the account, father? North = Liberation of individual soul independently of the entire universe in to explore and does God enjoy blissful lives and God help your natural strengths to hang out return of the works | free state जीवत्मा to शरीरधारी creatures like to eat पिने does not require replies 36) individual soul of worldly इच्छाये when ends? North = when God receipt of becomes and the world pleasures of quietness gets the individual soul of the world indulgence substance to get the desire to the ends are: 37) individual soul exactly what want? North = individual soul full and permanent well, peace, fearlessness and freedom to: 38) food who account body or individual soul? North = only root body food to eat can not only animate individual soul food is not required in the body remains the individual soul mind इन्द्रियादि means of work to take the food account |
3 9) is a body in the same individual soul lives or multiple also live? North = a body does and experiencer the same individual soul is a number of जीवात्माएं live: Yes, the other body with another individual soul any body in may, such as mother's womb his child: 40) individual soul in the body wide or एकदिशी (local)? North = body individual soul एकदेशी is not comprehensive, if extensive happens if body decreases grow Karan this routine is no longer anticipates: 41) creatures of the ultimate advancement, success what? North = individual soul ultimate advancement the soul-divine साक्षातकार by the ultimate शांतिदायक Salvation to get to: 42) what individual soul to get to be well sorrow your own actions of fruits are? Or without Karma help others deeds Karan also well sorrow see? North = individual soul to get to be well suffer your actions of fruits are but a number of times other pursues the results effect as in (fruit not as) well sorrow get are: 43) what are the symptoms on the basis of this can say is what person individual soul of the interview have? North = mind, senses on the right by सत्यधर्म न्यायाचरण through शुभकर्मों only करणा and false lawless deeds not and ever cool satisfied, and please keep this declaratory is this person has the spirit of the interview has |

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