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See, if there is an opinion in satsang, then ignorance should come, knowledge should come, and if you feel like it will not come, then you will not have any desire, and if you get hurt, then there is no devotion to the world.
Now Maya "me and mine" is just the illusion. "I" are two, true and false, true, I am Brahman, false is I Maya.
Just as when you see the dream, then you are also dreaming, you also see in the dream itself. No matter how dreaming, you are in your dream, you see only you, you can not dream yourself if you do not see yourself in a dream.
So in these two, the one who sees me is Brahma, which I see is Maya. In other words, I am illusory, I am Brahman; Knowing, seer I am Brahma. The arrogant of the subtle, the knower is Maya.
And when this body is the only Maya, then I also have Maya. Maya Mane, which looks but is not at all.
As I have two distinctions, Maya has two distinctions, Vidya and Aviva Maya Avidya conflicts with God; There are two types of Maya, but as long as there is ignorance, there is a need for knowledge. Unless the disease seems to be true, then the drug is true.
Vidya Maya created the world, Avidya made me-her. By behaving in the middle, knowing that all is God, is not mine, I have to obey all the work, just to believe. Like a thorn in the foot, it is removed from the other thorn, both are given to the foreck.
This is all the God's, the one who rides in God, does not live both of me and mine, he gets rid of both Maya, Maya does not save. The trunk was cut.
The multi-faceted mobilization mobilized for body lifting, which benefits our lives, is the culmination of happiness.
But the experience of beyond the juice, the smell of the touch, which connects the soul with the divine in which the system is reduced to the sari.
We forget our physical experience and begin to direct the divine in the soul. Every letter starts to agitate in its memory, and the unkha laughs. Unknowing starts crying, the world starts to think we are crazy, it is joy.
The desire to get something is Maya's biggest weapon,
.Wish to get something in spirituality  is Maya's biggest weapon. Without moving it one step can not move forward.
As long as we want to get something, we do not get anything. Wishing to get something is a mirage, nobody gets anything.
Everything belongs to God and everything is "He". We have to be dedicated to ourselves.
Everything that got devoted to God has got it. Others do not get anything other than disappointment.

Everything is mixed. If there is something worthwhile, then it is "he" which is not available after getting it. "He" does not get, he has to be devoted himself. Doing something "he" does not get anything, something has to happen.
 "She" is "everything" itself. God is a stream, let him flow through it. Do not break any barriers.
Then we will see that the flow is ours.
Nothing will happen with things, it is a sacrifice in which the ego of self has to be sacrificed.
We should just have a strong continuous and ultimate love, nothing else. All the guidance themselves are divine.
"To the theologian, the paradise, the hero to his life, the spouse is to be his wife and the whole world feels like a whole grain of grass.

That is, the one who knows his nature is like a straw to him. For a warrior, his own life is despicable.
For the great person who has conquered all his wishes, it is trivial for women and subject. And for those who have no attachment in their mind, then this entire universe is trivial.
Some psychologists and philosophical minds do not accept any different existence. They believe that this is either the function of the brain or the nervous system, otherwise the other physical action Vedanta does not support this approach.
According to Vedanta, the mind, the soul and the gross body are three distinct components of the human personality.
             In Vedanta, the mind is said to have the heart, which literally means 'internal means' or 'internal functioning system', it has been said as an interaction so that the difference between the mind, the senses and the minds can be made clear.
 The gross world of these senses is direct contact. There are four aspects of conscience- mind, mind, intellect and ego.

Moksha मोक्ष् path (according to Vedic tradition) 

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