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+root body four and a conscious body these two-body of a knot or snarl the knot or snarl what different makes it paramahansa and gets her eternal well get here the blood divine get Mr. good and गुरवे namah in the world that any man intelligent, harmony-devoted, meditator, continual Yogi, सत्यप्रतिज्ञ, जितेन्द्रिय, knowledgeable, लोभहीन, anger to win, happy, cold-blooded and she and ego are devoid, they all free by God are obtained: the best of God's glory to know, it पुण्यदायक best speed get | Earth, wind, the Sky, water and fifth तेज- these five महाभूत ego occur | those five महाभूतों and their work here, touch, as, juice, smell, etc. all beings containing | when पंचमहाभूतों destruction of the time of प्रलयकाल present is, at that time all creatures great fear face | but all people who आत्मज्ञानी cold-blooded male, he also fascinated does not | आदिसर्ग in सर्वसमर्थ स्वयम्भू Vishnu own your own will appear: this type बुद्धिरूपी cavity, located in visions, पुराणपुरुष, हिरण्यमय Dev and wise the ultimate speed as the ultimate Lord knows, he's wise wisdom across the border is reached | अष्टांगयोग the early important stair through rule अष्टाँग sum of the early stages. Way letter-sense without the child for books read-reading it is impossible, the same type योगाभ्यासियों for two अतीव important stair are. There are trained to no pratyahara, perception, meditation, trance such a high level classes log शक्य not. So साधकों the first themselves were trained to have, and much further development of the thing is formed. Through five, the non-violence, the truth, अस्तेय, celibacy and अपरिग्रह. Non-violence usually any type of life-murder not considered, here on non-violence means it makes more comprehensive and subtle. A creature mind, the word or deed of any pain communicate violence is, therefore, योगमार्ग the साधकों these method-निषेधों of कठोरतापूर्वक follow does. योगसूत्र in diameter live said also is- "non-violence downright ever सर्वभूतानामनभिद्रोहः." That is all creatures per each type the revolt expressions to the abandonment to non-violence is. It is non-violence of caste, country or time due to सीमाबद्ध may be. For instance fisherman to the city. Fishing his धँधा and livelihood of the seeker also, therefore, it creature-violence notwithstanding he didn't leave, at any other type of violence she smeared not to his it non-caste reasons by सीमाबद्ध was considered to be. Many people only pilgrimages go to the terms of follow while other places violence sacrificing can't. Such non-violence by country सीमाबद्ध is. Many festival-festivals the day of this contract take it age by सीमाबद्ध non-violence was. In addition different occasions adopted non-violence also सीमाबद्ध may, as soldiers by war approaches except elsewhere the compliance to any person martial or other escort become was violence in addition and time avoid it, etc, but the seeker and spiritual path successfully want to move, their entire non-fast comply with only intended to be. It makes them a specific accomplishment coming days. पातंजल योगसूत्र wrote, "अहिंसाप्रतिष्ठायाँ तत्सन्निधौ वैरत्यागः." (2/35) that non-violence of perfection and stability of the seeker come into contact with all creatures of violence-wit turns away. Mind, the word and deed uniformity in the 'true' says. It is true time and conditions given only speak instructions. Country protector if confidential information enemies before appear to give it National defense serious threat will be अस्तु such truth not appear to do the same everybody interest in., Narrative is known that once a Butcher your old cow looking a deserted location undergone. There is a Brahmin Veda text was doing. Butcher by him your cow asked about, he status to भाँपते of his equivocal answered. Said, who have seen, he speaks, and who speaks, he had not seen. It with a two-purpose सधे. Cow of the soul-defense was that the truth speaking may not be able to second her false not speak resolution of subsistence has to be. So hard truth not speak instructions. If the blind blind and लँगड़े, the लँगड़ा said to be, so it's true notwithstanding abusive address is. It abuse is understood, so that the words of the scriptures inhibition have been. साधनाकाल in which the seeker the truth element on full distinguished gets his voice simple no longer is, he fruitful is. Person whatever thinks, विचारता or speaks, he फलिता to think that he वाक्सिद्ध gets. Corresponding to indicate the पातंजल योगसूत्र says, 'सत्यप्रतिष्ठायाँ क्रियाफलाश्रयत्वम्. "(2/36) that is true of reputation on speech and ideas क्रियाफलदान the power of be generated days. Another object to direct or indirect in any way to get आकाँक्षा non-'अस्तेय' is. This person of greed-lust on a check to find and mind so disciplined causes a pernickety horse Act of the same. So spiritual path पथिकों for अस्तेय importance of not less, but most. Seen that has several times a number of seeker just because route-च्युत become his mind autocratic is. He object per many times so mad that arise his receipt the same for primary becomes, while the silence, life Prime target notwithstanding accessory persists. Thus seeker gradually-gradually spiritual path from retreating the end to him separated gets. योगमार्ग he withdrawal the योगभ्रष्टता is. Why such seeker योगभ्रष्ट called. शांडिल्योपनिषद् in अस्तेय define the stated," अस्तेयं name मनोवाक्कायकर्मभिः परद्र्रव्येष निःस्पृहता. "(Err. 1/1), namely the body, mind and speech by others money will not अस्तेय called. अस्तेय element on आरुढ़ साधकों who accomplishment appear is about that पातंजल योगसूत्र statement, the 'अस्तेय-प्रतिष्ठायाँ सर्वरत्नोपस्थानम्." (2/37) ie अस्तेय the stability of the seeker have सर्वदेशस्य gems approaching present there are. Mind Brahman or ईश्वरपरायण maintain the celibacy is. योगसूत्र (व्यासकृत) stated, "celibacy गुप्तेन्द्रियस्योपस्थस्य संयमः." Ie secret sense of self-control of celibacy says. शांडिल्योपनिषद् its micro explain the says, "celibacy name सर्वावस्थासु मनोवाक्कायकर्मभिः universally मैथुनत्यागः." Ie सर्वावस्था in ubiquitous body, mind, speech by sex sacrificing celibacy called. Scriptures sex eight type tell the are स्मरणं कीर्त्तनं केलिः प्रेक्षणं गुह्यभाषणम्. संकल्पोध्यवसायश्च क्रियानिष्पत्तिरेव high. एतन्मैथुनमष्टाँगं प्रवदन्ति मनीषिणः. विपरीतं ब्रह्मचर्यमनुष्ठेयं मुमुक्षुभिः. Ie work expressions of female remember, with him play, his touch, with her एकाँत in वार्त्तालाप, sex resolution of the resolution to meet the measure and verb full or intercourse to do, they sex to eight type Mystics has mentioned are. Contrast in all sacrificing the celibacy is. A significant trip early prior to the type of capital drill required so that route expenditure and diet just needs possible, same type of certain physical and spiritual purposes to the success of power-harvesting of need. It celibacy follow by शक्य is. During this time if it was not, then the chances of success impair becomes and labor redundant goes. Spiritual path to proceed and goal is to get it निताँत is important that sense-restraint follow be on physical functions of success in the contributed indubitable is. In compliance of speech in oz, in the face fast, in the eyes brightness, intelligence trenchantly, in the body strength and how much the same type of अन्यान्य विभूतियाँ produces are. Celibacy proven to take साधकों in relation to पातंजल योगसूत्र says,' ब्रह्मचर्यप्रतिष्ठायाँवीर्यलाभः '(2/38) ie celibacy reputation of being on the seeker वीर्यलाभ happens. Cum advantage of silence-friendly property group are born, which योगाभ्यासी to enlightenment receive. Full अपरिग्रह to get the seeker in time-knowledge about fulfillment coming days. पातंजल योगसूत्र this in relation statements is, "अपरिग्रहस्थैर्ये जन्मकथन्तासंबोधः." (2/39) ie अपरिग्रह stable of birth account of knowledge is received. It means that pre-born in what we were how were the birth of conditions such why there and our future birth when, where, how will this knowledge of the rise to be अपरिग्रह silence possible by happens. Yum Yum-quintet the discussion. Similarly rules also are five. Poop, satisfaction, austerity, self-education and God प्रणिधान-these five terms of. Defecation' purity, "says. External and आँतरिक suchita, it is in both under are. Seeker external hygiene like inner purity also take care of it is. As it सधती is, well-own-way his आत्मोन्नति gets. योगसूत्र (diameter commentary) in the Sage says are शौंच मुज्जलादिजनितं मेध्याभ्यवहरणादि high बाह्मम् आभ्यंतरं चित्तमलानामाक्षालनम्. Ie मृत्तिका and water, etc. bath and the Holy diet it external poop in. The mind of filthiness to remove the inner defecation says. Pranayama and chanting-tenacity by far to make. In which it purification completely reputed is, it आत्मदर्शन ability to come days. पातंजल योगसूत्र explicitly mentioned, 'शोचात्स्वाँगजुगुप्सा परैरसंसर्गः." (2/40) ie defecation the stability of the possession part of the group per hatred and परदेह intercourse reluctance is. ईश्वरेच्छा or प्रारब्धवश when that met him happy to be' satisfaction 'is called. शाँडिल्योपनिषद् also do the same statement,' संतोषो name यद्रच्छालाभ संतुष्टिः 'satisfaction of Bliss receipt of the summer. Dissatisfaction the अशाँति and sorrow cause. So साधकों the short in the satisfaction of the instructions have been so that they practice Sankranti to thoroughly cross accomplishment-profit can. पातंजल योगसूत्र this topic writes, "संतोषादनुत्तम-सुखलाभः. (2/42) ie the satisfaction of the full achievement be unique each receive. Trouble-bear to' tenacity 'says. Person who volunteered limited resources in the living to and happy are, he Friar called. Din-poor short tools living decimal places, even though they Friar not, because that they private will not mjburivs do. शास्त्रवचन is," तपः duality-सहननम् द्वंद्वश्च जिघत्सापिपासे, शीतोष्णे स्थानासने काष्ठमौनाकारमौने high व्रतानि चैव यथायोगं कृच्छूचाँद्रायणसाँतपनादीनि. "(योगसूत्र व्यासभाष्य) ie duality-bear to austerities is. Hunger-thirsty, cold-heated, up-to sit, Wood silence (ie, gestures also means not appear to), size silence (thing not), चाँद्रायण and साँतपनादि vow of ritual these austerity stated. Created सधने on नानाप्रकार of सिद्धियाँ appears to. In this regard Patanjali your योगसूत्र treatise writes," कायेन्द्रियसिद्धिरशुद्धिक्षयात्तपसः. "(2/43) ie tenacity proven to be the impurities the decay of the body functions अणिमादि and sense functions television, दूरश्रवण etc. सिद्धियाँ appears to. Best texts study and hearing the self-education says. Its completion favored God of achievement and interview is a God Patanjali statement, the' स्वाध्यायादिष्टदेवतासंप्रयोगः." (2/44). Divine in all Karma tributes to give God प्रणिधान stated. That its availability are the mausoleum each of facilities robs. It all stages in ubiquitous God philosophy are. Said also been, 'समाधिसिद्धिरीश्वरप्रणिधानात्' (पातं yoga Soo. 2/45) through the rule of these initial सोपानों who simply-guestbook cross takes his forward to the success of smooth and be sure is and he आत्मोपलब्धि receives is, it योगशास्त्र the Masters of the statement. Monolithic light

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