Thursday 12 October 2017


Our intuitive nature is silence.The thoughts come in the form of cover and distraction. There is a different thing. That is the nature of our nature.This practice is not experienced in the experience because we have a habit of being focused. If we If you experience the whole body instead of the brain, then our focus will be removed from the brain. From the eyes of concentration, meditation should be centered in the brain, but the thoughts of the mind It is futile to be surrounded by the storm. There is a loss in place of profit. It is aroused in the body, it is not possible to stop impulsiveness. Talk about the divisions, then every person is in the interior section, It remains in me.It increases aggression in the body. Just as we are in our outer segments, in the same way other people are also in their outer segments, so be careful. If the other person comes in his There is no talk of worrying if it is in the section section. It will become active in the understanding and it will not be aggressive. Similarly, if we are located in our inner circle, then we will handle ourselves and others also. This situation is of existence Respect teaches respect. Some people call others to be called Lord or God. With this, a lot of people who do not listen, they become small, and the person who does not speak will become small. The person who sees the person is feeling the ultimate honor in his own form. In other words, he is benefited from the good experience of using the best words for others. He who uses inferior words is himself caught in the sense of experience. Some people speak out the good words and the bad words in mind, the word spoken in the mind will take the personality in its own way. Survey Bhawan Sukhin: If a person thinks like this in the mind or if he does not want to speak like this, then the negative words can not be overwhelmed. It is said that the person is in his own hands. The mistake of understanding others as responsible or responsible. Do not do it then it is okay.Then it becomes easier to stay in your inner section. Then we can handle ourselves and others too.

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