Thursday 24 September 2015

Facebook has been deactivate my account

Hello Facbook Team,

The purpose of this mail actually the a account belong to 
satyanarayan harikisan tiwari but according to spritual way my 
name swamishishu swamishishuvidehanand.Can u check the my profile
i am working about global warming and spritual with scince.
For exmaple when a girl become to married her name and surname will change in laws in our spritual way names just like[ saraswati tiwari maharaj] but i use only [swamishishu swamishishuvidehanand] 
you can please read my post vedik in indian methology just like yajurvedh and also my google+ account my blog my work is 100% pure
If somebody will negeative post in my account who will responsibl?.

                       Its my humble request to you please reactivate my account other wise facebook responsible.    

swamishishu  swamishishuvidehanand 

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