Sunday 13 July 2014

For years Lord Christopher Monckton has been crisscrossing the globe sharing the inconvenient truths about global warming.

CFACT presented Christopher with an award on Wednesday at the Ninth International Conference on Climate Change for being a "dauntless purveyor of climate truth."

You can view Lord Monckton's keynote address (at 27:59)  and CFACT's award presentation (at 1:19:12) here.
Lord Monckton has been a journalist, a leader in the UK's Conservative and Independence Parties and served as a policy and scientific advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.
Many may not know that he has used his considerable mathematical skills to design some of the world's most cunningly difficult puzzles.
At CFACT we have had the chance to truly get to know Christopher over the years, and have teamed up with him on numerous occasions, particularly to report on and bring the facts to United Nations conferences.
Lord Monckton has been a prominent spokesman and figure at UN conferences in Bali, Bonn, Copenhagen, Cancun, Durban, Rio and Qatar.
It is always fascinating to see Lord Monckton in action. He continually impresses with his ability to delve into and truly master the most complicated matters of science and policy. When the UN issues a report with the heft of a phone book, everyone cheats and confines their reading the relatively brief “summary for policymakers.” Not, Lord Monckton. Christopher burns the midnight oil and devours those hefty tomes from cover to cover.
You might not think that a man who bears the lofty title “3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley” would be so adept at communicating the complexities of climate science and policy in ways any citizen can grasp. Yet that is his particular gift. Here is a man equally at ease debating Greenpeace activists to a standstill on the streets of Berlin, trouncing the exalted in free debate at the Oxford Union, in the bright lights of a television studio, answering the question and calming the fears of everyday citizens, or planning a brighter future with the people of a Mexican village that has never had electricity.
Christopher has truly lived up to Kipling's exhortation that a man should be able to “walk with kings, nor lose the common touch.”
It's no secret that global warming campaigners are so insecure about the ability of their pronouncements to stand on their merits, that they respond to this problem by attempting to ridicule, silence and exclude anyone who dares to question them. Lord Monckton's is one voice the climate crowd has had no success in stilling. This has caused them endless frustration, while providing considerable amusement to Christopher's many friends.
It's also no secret that CFACT's is another voice that refuses to be stilled. We've often resorted to a bit of creative flair to ensure that's the case. For our (very patient) friend Christopher, this has resulted in the incongruous spectacle of a British Lord tossed out of an airplane (with parachute) at the UN's conference in Durban, expounding on climate science from the back of a camel (in full Bedouin regalia) in Qatar, dancing around a sand sculpture on Rio's Ipanema beach, and handing out "carbon indulgences" with Gaia, Mother Earth herself, in Bonn.
Lord Monckton's compelling voice has done great service in debunking warming propaganda to the benefit of verifiable scientific fact.

May it long continue to do so.

For nature and people too,
Craig Rucker
Executive Director


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