Monday, 22 January 2018

Who m I

Within the body of our entrance is not out of the body live हैं.बस body of layer-out of पर्त.भीतर of the body of layer up to let US know not चलता.दीवाल out हिस्सा.दीवाल within a part of the same address does not, Castle so far है.दीवाल out portion of the Castle understand, Wall within part up to about not be able to. We your body to your out know, we have ever within stand the body not seen-from within, FRAM विदिन.जैसे see this hair am sitting, you hair sitting we this room within looking हैं.एक man is turning out to .वह this House out looking है.आदमी your body home in your within also view in not be able finds out already know! And then death, cause is .क्योंकि which we out know, it only open's only outdoor clothing's only House out of the Wall, the home owner नहीं.घर owns within है.उस within the owner of the identity our isn't पाती.भीतर the Wall of identified not fade, so within the owner of how to recognition will. "A tree I asked, your life where? He tree said, those roots in which do not appear पडतीं, there life है.वृक्ष which appear wears is, it from there life takes invisible to." This is the body is our, it's body which it body our real be no it's our आथेंटिक being not है.गहराई in it is very different and all other types of our personality this body exactly the opposite and inverse our lives. "Your mind's eye out of your body to see and self-the body located within the feel to add to big huge difference when we body out to see the mind out the located and mental eye mind palette on the body view see हैं.इससे mind then there body as personality value insult to assess the chance to get है.दिन throughout this thinking is. But when we own body located within are without हिलेडुले then we have our own nature add are located, mind body located outside does not, not mental eye mind palette on the body view to see fable personality featured in. अतःहमे will have to try that we have our own body like the others out not see, but this body within perseverance to sit रहें.हम yourself away do we therefore think since we body out see हैं.इससे we out out wander and body far go हैं.फिर the body of defense also want to the want to add to body around the threat live हैं.रक्षा of desire in the body of the death of ideas and fear also arise-body lost go भय.ये all the out of the body to be believed caused है.आवश्यकता introverted to try to is a resolution to wears that I this within the body shall, your place your own your featured in रहूं.या within continuous happen breathing featured in write a focus on me or shavasana (रिलेक्सेशन practice) do, or see where I am question down self-in, cardiac in shall-brain, अहंबुद्धि the fable throne except. It is a featured not, it is invisible Judd, the आथेंटिक being is, our basic, authentic power that any evidence does not need होती.यह and that we are, body not that we clothing like wearing है.हमने worn not है.प्रकृति पहनाती and back away from her but it makes our be in a difference not पडता.प्रकृति's clothing clad back snatches lives we like just keep the world even though the newspaper add to give the impression that फलाने died but do anything ever happens only नहीं.हममें रंचमात्र also not change आता.कैसे can come? Clothing, garments, we are. We Center in are located only if the spirit of immortality reveals that we always there are only, not our born, not ever death होगा.जन्म death of the idea because it is because we also like the others body out see, we don't realize that this inside the body sit to experience how होताहै.अभ्यास to lying because the truth is, we inside the body so, but it's body not हैं.ऐसे in the body out of view of confusion a test candid not landed करता.यह detection as what is due to the body in आत्मरुप add located despite we it seems as if we out of the body and the body to see the fascination bound by and it featured in your defense of concerned about the dim are?
 Due to whatever we your form in the heart of the introverted be, in the speed need to practice guestbook, external per quietness पूर्वक.दरअसल end: version of consciousness identification due to this confusion is but mind introverted through the Center in reaches then it is dissolved is and consciousness leaves that our true nature! And it's consciousness ubiquitous only that is. Some people can say that we body within the same, they find out that they body within देहाभिमानी ego featured in the heart of the external expectations suffer from lives or देहाभिमान free spirit as in the body is located within, which is absolute, cool, comfortable, stable, your आपमे is located? Then the body of the soul Temple be जाताहै.हर Incarnate of the body Temple seemingly. If किसीकी condemned-praise or others by your condemned-praise experience so mean body outside the made the हैं.आत्मा as in the body within remain for great practice should patience पूर्वक.नायमात्मा बलहीनेन लभ्य: .निर्बल man your form is not receiving सकता.सामर्थ्य चाहिए.स्वरुप to upon receipt of the limitless power coming days. किसीका reverentially so that the body of the heart within the God of refuge in may and ultimate peace and eternal location may receive, without external world shelter made.
 Vedanta of elemental means (classical context) - Vedanta the meaning of multi-functional, the whole accuracy with full explanation able to give a little difficult. Due to its it with any questions connected that your spiritual maturity how is. You how sensitive and सूक्ष्मचित्त are. Roughly understand is that Vedanta Vedas, mythology, and the scriptures end of the. No, it only literally means. It also refers to understand. Simpler than simple words I would like to tell - full creation whatever knowledge version is, the Vedas, Purana other than anywhere any religion - for all the Universal for that, he is for Vedanta. Ie the reason for all knowledge the Earth landed, the purpose of your understood to be, he understood Vedanta. "Veda of end ',' the scriptures end of ',' knowledge of the end of 'that understanding. Understand how to get her to our upanishads show that क्षोत्रिय, ब्रह्मनिष्ठ men of refuge the solution. (And as far as my your thoughts and experience, intensive आत्मनिष्ठा, modesty, restraint and continuum by you it can get.) It talks only classical in terms. Other contexts Vedanta sense of what the dimensions are those talks on later do. But keep in mind - element sense of ईश्वरकृपा and गुरूकृपा accessible happens. Element of the purity taken and is given. It's your intellectual property increase or intellectual effect show for use प्रज्ञापराध is. And the punishment is that which to get you have progressed, the same for your route shuts. It is also pole is true. Your Yogi (theologian missionary) ....
 find all where I found address your not,  know when your thought, now know my not.
 Everything built है.सागर the wave featured in arise and back to place come which he remains है.हमेशा the same, we don't we which he built, our own a power नहीं.पर think we हैं.और this is true to detect the is-स्वज्ञान (self-knowledge). In other except we see that own our place is happening है.जो is also getting her only देखनाहै, stop not because only then for है.प्रेम and accepting to be so stop him not है.नफरत and rejected for him to stop is not only see, without stopping, stop can also नहीं.जो be looking for is empty as is. These are all be, blank be things, upcoming नहीं.आदमी coming from घबराता is, that is not. Visitor views of the problem is often lives on our within these ideas are going, vacant are automatically .इन्हें stop pointless, can not be stopped, to be delivered to को.और all idea, instinct right, it is" I "also built our from within the" I "is generated so it also is empty let चाहिए.मै Maya, I duality as is, I creatures, I limited, I ego, I mind is empty should be so Brahman, the only, the divine, Universal it I Maya it we form assuming मायिक featured your आपमे install are artificial personality become while I featured in US be empty should he appears, Maya the subject is. Our within which I arises it is empty be should without रोके.न prevent it automatically be empty, is to prevent the remains it artificial, parallel power which is false ,if we write to see as has find so we see the featured in your you let will only if it appears that when we see as has her search, he get नहीं.जब we erased are find it is appear gets है.सीमित drop, limitless sea how found?
Drop smani समुंद in-then sea is the same. Ditto ours है.भीतर from rising मायिक I we your form assuming then we absolute truth search हैं.असीम, limited intelligence on how to terminate be, am so full may नहीं.सीमित immerse be should be the limitless of infinite goes live he always is. We think our disappear on functioning properly to be how? Inspector like our be important it illusion. What limitless the ability to add a lack? Around his ability of the philosophy is happening सतत.सब his expression. Our alleged I उसीकी transaction है.करना so that I stop no, I make up the same for this burbs raised I do not prevent should be so it's own goes or featured on we only go and real power appear at this I completely and ultimate power to appear in the late seems to all visitors idea, instinct is blank let चाहिये.वैसे they which welfare to you! Such as well's going so well to let without रोके.वह write a run जायेगा.वह real pleasure also नहीं.ऐंद्रिक sensation just है.इसी like suffering, grief, attachment, nostalgia, depression, क्रोधक्षोभ, fear, anxiety, शंकादि are that is empty are then he is empty be दें.उनके way in barrier create not करें.अब the thing that need them to go the way our own body, our own end: version of this way in देहाभिमान rife what they are going to prevents you from our way his passing of suffering so will only so presented to be चाहिये.समझ be suffering is also not understand clean not having trouble is है.समझ clear we देहाभिमान don't care about करेंगे.सबको passing देंगे.उनमे any shall not stop can also नहीं.हमारे for that best news. Consider all, endowments fleeting are automatically come and automatic goes हैं.कभी सत्वगुण, ever rjogun sometimes tamo-lasting any no Geetha are subject to become inhibition of the है.कर्ता someone could not." I "and" my "the Maya built is subject who will, how will be? That's what I, mind and heart add to write a subject to be, herself subject to acknowledge the whole system है.सारा confusion body of thought goes here's a few does not here, all of है.विद्या and अविद्या both content is live and both' परम'मे fable हैं.मूलतः all उसीका game or Leela है.अद्वैत as he is so it announced उसीकी is- एकोहम् बहुस्याम् ।

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