Thursday 3 December 2015

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Shri Durga Raktambara shaktipeeth Karanja (Lad).Founder President MyseLf Swamishishu Videhanand'( Swamishishu SWAMISHISHUVIDEHANAND Sarswati Tiwari Maharaj) Atpost karanjaLad 444105 Dist Washim Maharashtra india'
Here,at Karanja(lad)
for "Global Warming"&"Saving Water",etc
"Anantjan AntarRashtriya chetna Abhiyan"
which binds all of us together as one .
Stop disposing polluted water in rivers .there are two categories of water 'B'&'C'. Polluted water is to be treated to get usable water for forming . For this very reason in 1994. We had created a mantra"Om H2o Namah".
"Even if it doesn't ignite me,I Hope it ignites your heart".
My aim isn't to make a controversy instead this shall change the scenario.
All the countries may make strategies to control the level of carbon dioxide in atmosphere , but it shall not make any difference. The very reason for this is that the need of mankind isn't going to decrease because we have become used to this.
Today everyone in this world is busy in full filling their needs, this would not make any difference to environment rather it would worsen the scenario.
It is not possible to cantrol the needs . We cannot compromise with the definition of development in todays world.
To develope towns , transform then into smart cities , the needs will again lay on the shoulders of our earth. At development of smart cities will come the chance of rural areas,then remote areas and so on . This will again push us in the dark, because the rapid development will not control the environmental pollution Which is our soul right , In many African countries there are still many areas where nature & environment are safe upto certain extent but this is such an inony that they aren't developing behind the name of saving environment.
The talking points of leaders has shifted, the main point in of comparison where one world has to suffer while other stays out of it. So it is important to save rural areas in order to save environment.

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