Thursday 12 June 2014

omh2O'''''NMH.....' LINKED IN ''''

  i am working on global warming since 1990 nowadays global warming is disturbing our ecology and our life we are not sincere enough to think over it our planet earth is becoming hotter every year in summer and in winter temperature falls below 0 degree if we will not take any step to solve it our life will be in danger.
science is not able to solve this problem. science is just taking advantage of situation creating new market to earn money.
only spirituality works in this regard.i have started a new movement called om h 2 0 namah. i have also started 99999 crore durga karunastotra path to solve this issue.this process will create god particles in nature and solve this problem.
just want to know about my solution to this problem in detail please contact me on twitter@shishuvidehi..../'blog..'..swamiji tiwari.../...'

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