The Utter negligence of mankind towards environment is creating dangerous cosegueuces in our life. Nowadays in summer the temprature is increasing every year ...' Now the temprature is reaching near to 50''0'c temprature is below ''0''c in many cities. this is disturbing our ecological balance. life is affecting in a very big way. All the enviornmentalist and scieutists should work seroiusly for environment. India is a country known for spirituality. we should also perform our 'Upasana',bhakti to increase 'spiritiual power' so as to create god particles in ' ENVIORMENT'.... .Those god particles will create the necessary balance in environment.
Our Sadguru our ultimate guide Swamishishuvidehanand Sarswati'tiwari maharaj Karanja dutt niwasi is creating 'daivi chetna' with the programme ;Om H'2'O namah' Join this 'Om H2O namah' movement and also join 99999' kror..' karunastavastotra jap movement to save environment