Wednesday 13 August 2014

Dear swmishishu,
It has happened again! There was another incident of a 7 year girl getting raped. A 13 year old girl, employed as domestic help has been almost beaten to death.
This is so outrageous! 60,000 of us have already asked the CM of Karnataka to develop an action plan to make Bangalore safer for women. Yet, the Chief Minister has not responded.
swmishishu, the CM K Siddaramaiah needs to know that several thousands of people are expecting him to take action to make Bangalore safer.
Call the CM’s office and ask him about plans to make Bangalore saferfor women. If many hundreds of us call his office, he will not be able to ignore us anymore.  Here is what you can do.
  1. Call 080-22033418 or 080-22033316
  2. You might get his secretary. Tell them you want to talk to the CM regarding the petition asking for a roadmap for a safe Bangalore.
  3. If you get the CM, ask him what he is doing to make the city safer andwhen he will announce a plan?
  4. If you don’t get the CM, leave the same message with his secretary.
  5. After you conversation, leave a note about it on the comments section of our petition.
swmishishu, in the last one month we proved that people like you and I can hold even Karnataka Government accountable. 1.5 lakh of us ensured that this government issued directives to make all schools in Karnataka safe for children.
I am confident that together we can make our CM listen to us as well.Forward this email to your friends urging them to join our campaign.
Thank you for taking action for a safer Bangalore,
Maithreyi via

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