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What is Kundalini?

Swamishishuvidehanand-sarswati tiwari'maharaj-karanjalad'datt
What is Kundalini? What is its power, its
Silence, what is its purpose, Kundalini awakening
There is how the awakening of the human impact
Does it make? - Are questions many Adiadiaese
Is desired.{ क्ष्करादी_____+
Kundalini Sadhana man's internal transformation and
Is a scientific process of awakening.
Kundalini awakening is the only objective that
Man will recognize you, your life profoundly
Got it. It is a spiritual journey man{मकरादी___+
Themselves with their own survival becomes necessary.
Each man under Janendriy where the spinal
Bone begins, there is a gram equivalent dent
Says the reservoir. That reservoir is the center of power. This
Kunda is like the size of the triangle. Right here{ ऋर्नुकरदी___+
Is a bundle of nerves called the tubers in the totals. Similarly
At two and a half circle like the serpent Kundalini
Horoscope able to hit down by the home side, with ages
Unaware he was sleeping soundly. Unless the sleep
Has been the origin of ignorance remains.
Located in the pool it Kundalini
Is called. Within the human{ त्रेक्ज्न...++++++++++++ spine
Yoga is a pulse in her Pola
The spinal cord is called pulse. Within the same two and
Nerves - the ida and pingala, the same way as
Two different power within a thick wire
Including positive and negative electrodes are thin wire
Streams flow. Pouring all
Is not empty,{ ओव्ज्न्करी__तत्वादी__++++++++++++ there is zero, therefore zero pulse
Is also known. Zero covers much more is within
Is. Ida and Pingala nerves and heart, respectively
Prana flow. Isiliye Ida and the Mnovha
Pingala Nadi says there's life.
On a corner of the pond, Ida, Pingala and on an on
Of the spinal cord are Grinthiya. Our body is a
Significant location. The life span of
The entire body is in the same center. The perineum
Call cycle. The triangle is the symbol of the vagina, so
Tantric circle called the vagina. From here three
The nerves in the spinal cord{ सकारादी__+++++++++++++^ via the top together
Side have left. Go up the three were different
Are. Ida and Pingala Dai Bai temple to temple
In order to get through the cycle and the three kinds
Spirit has been crossing the minds of the stigma. Similarly
Thus pouring over the back of the skull
Spirit of the stigma{द्रेकोंन_<+^ got. Consider this ultimate waves
Foramen into the spinal cord by way of the third brain
Mendula in ablongata reach.
There are two parts to our body of knowledge in fibers. First
Part and the second part within the brain and spinal cord
Thorax, abdomen and pelvis is within. The first part Sseribo
Spinal System and the second part says
Says the sympathetic system. Man Within
Desires, feelings born and the first part of trading
In the same sense, nutrition, digestion business other
In part moves. Words, juice, appearance, smell, and touch
Knowledge of the business brain and spinal cord nerve function
The idea that there are even born here.{ल्रू'ह्री'श्री'...'कर्णकादी ____^+++++++++++++
There are three parts of the brain - the brain, secondary
The brain and lower brain. The main brain
The Sseribrm, secondary brain Sseribelm say
Downward ablongata the brain called the medulla.
It is located on the upper end of the spine. The size
Hen's egg is equal. In a fluid
Is full of the unknown. Medical science
Boxer is the fluid could not detect. Yogi{ स्वा{द्त्रेश्कोंन_^__मि{य्रेश्नों_>+_शि{ल्रुव्रे'>^^^+__शु{प्रिव्ज्जो<^^^^^+-
Sahasrara it says. Its knowledge of fibers
Nadi has received from the mouth of the spinal cord and the other end
Spirit is exiting the stoma where to summit
Practice. Equivalent to the location of the needle tip
Holes that Brahmarandhra says. Brahman through the stomata
ABC dispersed universe of ideas man
Eclipse keeps.
Use special breathing and meditation
First Kundalini through special process
The awakening happens, then it is uplifting
After this order, and, finally breaks the cycles
Chinmaya his master commanded circle pattern philosophy
It happens. Finally, the power of Shiva {ded}Sahashrara{स्वम्श्श्विदेह्न्न्द..........+
General union are concordance

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