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[30/9, 05:30] swamishishuvidehanand: swamishishuvidehanand tiw: annealed, 30/9 / 2017- morning 5 "2 9 - (2 9" 2 9) श्रिदुर्गारक्ताम्बरा shaktipeeth, founder of President we स्वामि शिशुविदेहानंद Muse TI chef "अग्निहोत्रितिवारी 'Tiwari piggery कारंजालाड (Dutt) 444105 district washim Maharashtra माॅ Meera Bai are TI organized by the program सव्वाकरोड soil Lingam building in the world's several person global warming and global औष्णिकरण on Sun 1994/2005 / work spiritual method start पहलाचरण एकतालिसलाख Eleven thousand पाचसौ of livelong be has now दुसराचरण एकसष्टलाख ग्यारहहजार मिट्टि the Lingam construction of the start, .. अथातों वृक्षसंवर्धन जिद्न्यासा .. एकसठलाख ग्यारहहजार शिवलिंगम् of अभिषेकम् पुजनम् दुसराचरण has been completed. Mother Meera Bai are तिवारि organized by the program सव्वासौकरोड soil शिवलिंगम् construction एकसष्ठ million ग्यारहहजार nine hundred (6100000" 11 thousand nine hundred) .. अथातों Vedic tree जिद्न्यासा .. श्रिदुर्गारक्ताम्बरा शक्तिपिठ, founder of President स्वामिशिशुविदेहानन्द'स्वामिशिशुसत्यविदेहानन्द सरस्वति तिवारीमहाराज कारंजालाड (Dutt) 444105 district washim mother मिराबाई हरीकिसन तिवारि, under the guidance शक्तीपिठ all वृक्षसंवर्धन functions are. .. अथातों वृक्षसंवर्धन जिद्न्यासा .., mother मिराबाई are तिवारि, those plants of अनावरण् that was .. अथातों devotee जिद्न्यासा .. श्रिदुर्गारक्ताम्बरा शक्तिपिठ, founder of President स्वामिशिशुविदेहानन्दस्वामिशिशुसत्यविदेहानन्द सरस्वति तिवारीमहाराज, the auspices of huge plantation and षोषखड्डा = rainwater harvesting,, the प्रीय friends the followers, and members we स्वामिशिशुविदेहानन्दस्वामिशिशुसत्यविदेहानन्द सरस्वति तिवारीमहाराज evocation do .. the शिवलिंगम् construction joined. Swamishishuvidehanand tiwarimaharaj swamishishuvidehanandswamishishusatyavidehanand sarswati .. अथातों devotee जिद्न्यासा .. शिवलिंगम् building शामील while, logbag all world शामीलहोरहे .. the .. अथातों समिहती 8 999 1 acre जिद्न्यासा .. shree durga raktambara shaktipeeth sansthapak founder, president adhyaksha,' swami shishuvidehanand 'swami shishusatyavidehanand saraswati tiwari maharaj (satishsinha harikisanji twari, maharaj) karanja lad datta dist - washim maharashtra hindustan, - 444105 8991 acar + 9999 Hector r on every swamijis foregien devoti (shisha शिष्यगण् gana) to so many out of them swamiji helped in to gain the infinite wealth from atlantic, pacific & arbi sea including furium uranium antimatter -------- and so many antimatter maded by swamiji by their own research at an cost only rs 3.20 per kg .. as rate and it's international rate is 110 billion and 272 thousand dollar per gram, as compare to its international rate swamiji taking only rs 3.20 only it is very shocking thing in this area of the project 1800 meter highted, 1800 m.long & 1800 m indepth building will be construct with the full super multispeciality facility including allopathy, homeopathy, ayurvedic & natchropathy & yoga at a time, the hospitality will be including 9000 private room with no general ward and each room will contain 3 more bed another than patients bed for the relatives of the admited patients here all the treatment will be totally free, from the day of the patient admition to up to well recovery, & till up to further final recovery, no any extra charges will be taken, opd, x-ray, medicine, operations, radiology and relatives residential charges are totally free, shaktipeeth will take the whole responsibility of the patients this project area facilated with 3 aero drome incoming and outgoing flight with cargo facility here on liquid facilated by the swamijis created different antimatter & different scruised partical researched by swamiji, including extra teristrial recidents of the galaxy. Actchualy the area of this "samihati project' will be 99 hundred sq2 km to 581 hundred sq2 km unexactly 1.5 to 2 billion people will gate the job, also hear on 5 to 6 school, 5 to 6 play ground and statchu of the swamiji's guru & live monument it is noteworthy ..." swamishishu videhaanand saraswati tiwari maharaj is going to take jivant जिवन्त trance samadhi, in which birth centenary appears on the hands (mysterious) and this is not to be buried alive only in the earth, but in the spiritual sense, the astromagnetic dna is called "connecting is to show thousands of people standing in front of them ... that is jivant जिवन्त trance samadhi (here person will not only burrowed in the ground but also his (how is taking samadhi) aura axis cosmic astrol body will converting into 9370 physicalspiritchual body (to show the self dna in self hand to billion of people) this process only is the exact live demonstration of the live monument, in witch the" yogi "(spiritchual person who is taken live monument) traveling galaxy by galaxy in different various form. Swamishishu videhaanand saraswati tiwari maharaj will be the supreme leader of this project, his point is that his decisions will remain final, that there will be no interference of political parties, parties and other social organizations, land acquisition, maps and all other activities, swamishishuvedehanand saraswati the decision of tiwari maharaj will be final, only that the president of this project, president, and the editor, will be because this project will be the only project in the world ilektrik on where sktipit, solrsistim, and sambndhit water all work will swamishishuvidehanand g

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