Wednesday, 29 August 2018


Now the game of gilt is being played on the funeral of Hindus

According to a news of today, about 80,000 Hindus die every year in Delhi, according to which according to an NGO, 4-500 kg per person, wood that burns. This NGO tells that a tree in India gives about a hundred kilos of wood. Then by using mathematics, they say that about four lakh trees are cut in Delhi every year for this.

Firstly, this math is wrong that a tree has hundred kilos of wood. The number of four lakhs seems a little frightening, so this math does not know on which basis it is used. If there is so much worrisome of wood, then why do you worry about the coffin wood?

Further report also gives the knowledge of how much carbon monoxide emits on the burn. However, the report does not say that the percentage of pollution caused by burning of corpses in the air of Delhi comes after zero after the number of pollutants. Because the study done by Georgia Tech, IIT Kanpur, UINFO, and CPCB has not even discussed the pollution caused by the burning of corpses.
Even Holi, Diwali, Ganapati and Dussehra festivals, which also spread pollution, only one day, long articles of anti-environmentalism are written so that Hindu society gilt fills. While most people have been doing this work to improve themselves, whether it is a celebration of festivals, or the way of burning corpses.

The first house to build such titty report, stop AC, car gasoline, house fridge etc. Then stop working there where continuous AC moves. Many trees will survive, and the ozone layer will also be fine. You start, the earth will be saved.

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