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* स्वामिशिशुविदेहानन्द सरस्वति तिवारीमहाराज * properties your अधिष्ठानके by उद्भासित are. Way अग्निके स्फुलिंग् अग्निको उद्भासित and दग्ध not able to, the same type of knowledge, power, force, Aishwarya, cum and तेजोरूप षड्विधि Aishwarya also प्रत्यगात्मस्वरूप नारायणको power, चित्ता and dearness प्रादन not able to namely षड्ऐश्वर्य properties God to भगवत्ता able to provide are not God by षड्ऐश्वर्य etc. properties उद्भासित are. Way abstract Brahman attributes-निर्विशेष when God only, the same type of knowledge, power, force etc. षड्ऐश्वर्यों to rich even when भीष्मजी प्रभृत rajarsi God are not. Say implies, properties your अधिष्ठान by उद्भासित are not properties your अधिष्ठान to उद्भासित do. Although सूर्यका properties publisher and caustic is, However power bulbs and fire भट्टियोंमें also publisher-दाहकादि properties on the Sun not, and the Sun dense fog light and caustic as not to they always Sun remain, namely the publisher-दाहकादि properties your अधिष्ठान to उद्भासित do not, but अधिष्ठान Sun only light-dah to उद्भासित are. Although जलका properties coldness and mellowness is, However, sandalwood and honey water not say, and Earth 70% in the existing sea water sweet rather Saline is. Mountains on existing गन्धकसे with hot water pit are. However, maximum water Saline However water properties of the sweetest the same, namely coldness and mellowness etc. properties your अधिष्ठान to उद्भासित do not, but water these properties उद्भासित does. Gau mother of the properties of direct-simple creature (saying, particular person so Gau) is, However मरखनी-Horn to kill at cow also Gau as is. Direct and simplicity, etc. properties cow mother उद्भासित do not. Said means that is all properties your अधिष्ठान to उद्भासित do not, but अधिष्ठान their properties उद्भासित away. Similarly, labor-own-tenacity etc. properties Brahmin and chivalry etc. properties kshatriya to उद्भासित do not, but their properties all अधिष्ठान उद्भासित do.  पूर्णमद: पूर्णमिदं पूर्णात् पूर्णमुदच्यते. पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते .. * God upanishads * Brahman complete! This world is also complete, full world the origin of the full Brahman from it! Full Brahman full world of origin, even when Brahman completeness of any न्यूनता not come! He left as well as full remains the same, that's eternal true! Which element ever, ever, निर्लेप, Niranjan, senselessly and always format located in keeps her eternal or eternal truth says. * Brahma is complete! This world is also full, the whole world has been created from absolute spirit! Even after the creation of the whole world from absolute spirit, there is no dearth of absolute fulfillment of brahma. He remains completely in the remaining form, that is eternal truth! The element that is always in th all the first US understand the spirituality what? What worship God to spirituality is? What kirtan to spirituality is? What Temple go spirituality is? What a master of discourse hear spirituality is?'s not all of these few spirituality is not then spirituality what is. As the name of the known is chairman + self. Self-call themselves to the self-study the spirituality is. So spirituality means themselves to know. Now you own thinking what self-study to a worship -पाठ need? What Temple from self-life will be. What a discourse listen the self-knowledge will. Not absolutely not. Themselves to learn the most important of आपमे own learn desire to be born to be the same will curiosity say. When आपमे themselves to know that of spirituality fervent will cause will you undoubtedly self-life will ie spirituality know will ie enlightenment received will. And self-to learn अंतर्मुख be falls, eyes off by itself within peek. And it look to the we today to work done is, he how many were right how wrong, because those actions of fruit you get has you became known is a great work, the same fruit get so own discretion of the मथनी from मथोगे then know of mind how not to keep stuff replete with him out निकालोगे only धीरेधीरे further way clear look आयेगा.और then further how Karma do you make sure you will find and your life of spirituality floor poised to be .ज़ब to mind clean won't be long spiritual growth never will !! if we are excellent life to do, so ideas in the right direction must take. Ideas very large power is. One of your thoughts sea similar huge retains, circumstances her maid as a whirl put the other side of narrow ideas person who non-existent, directionless, sadness surrounded by time cheek in the end is. * If we India's future to make the upcoming पी़ढ़ी the views of the miracle will tell. Ideas power एटमों over the summer. * Life the importance of what? * It to know if of ideas compilation must them right direction must then we future of the Golden can imagine. * Ideas in the absence of any person not great could. * So life rupee Park in determination, confidence, of course objectives, love, philanthropy rupee flowers Bloom should only life meaningful considered shall. * भारस्वरूप live a live and not a life of a importance is not. Best ideas from human life great could. We are constantly सद्विचारों contact living should practice. Life in mind out the Lord of the same out. Otherwise you incomplete and incomplete the जियोगे and incomplete the go. It's not that man full through not can live. Can live at the completion get the divine with only be. Divine with be impossible also possible and with it be possible also becomes impossible. Arjun alone was her war in the stands be difficult to be had. When Shri Krishna with being realized the complete field won. With having the meaning of 24 hour Ram-Ram cram or only in the Temple don't have to go. It all over the world is doing. Who fun and perfection available happened? Within the heart it down to be that Mr. Hari as my own world just. Arjun like सारथि बनालो Krishna to yourself, floor to take shall be accepted. Any circumstance US so distracted does not as much as our मनस्थिति US distracted and activities. If मनस्थिति high be difficult to difficult situation we also hair Gopal like conquered can. And if मनस्थिति the following if the smallest events we distracted having will be taken. That's more important not keep that in front of US situation how but as it matters is that our मनस्थिति what is? Conditions with fight the vjay your मनस्थिति with सूझने and guess's try again you itself takes take that really situation so any adverse not as much as I made him was. Situation not मनस्थिति to improve try * mind * * मनमें संसारका which melody is, it मिटानेकी as is needed, the more mnki चंचलताको मिटानेकी do not need. * * Unless मनको संसारसे removing परमात्मामें लगानेकी instinct will, till then bead downright detention not be able to. Bead downright detention and will, when a परमात्माके except other सत्ताकी not recognized will * निष्कामभावसे wisdom stable during and अभ्याससे mind stable is. Welfare बुद्धिकी स्थिरतासे is mnki स्थिरतासे not. Mnki स्थिरतासे सिद्धियाँ are. * Mnki unity परमात्माके with no, प्रत्युत प्रकृतिके with. Therefore mind परमात्मामें absorbed may, at the look can't.

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