Sunday 20 July 2014


The head of the robbers during a bank robbery in the bank warned the people: and know that your money is in the country. Everybody lie down immediately!
everybody went down ...
It says 'Mind Changing Concept'
MBA holder who was a companion of robbers, he said: count the money?
chief said: stupid, they watch on TV in news.
This is called 'Experience' 
Robbers fled with Rs 20 lakh.
Bank official said: Let FIR?
Manager said: Take 10 million and 50 million embezzlement and we have also added two in the booty ... I wish every month to robbery !
This is called 'Opportunity'
News on TV Eye: Bank robbed of 80 million.
robbers often numbered only 20 million left.
They understood that such a risk since they met 20 million, making the manager sitting unused for 60 million!
It says 'MANAGEMENT' 😎

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